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Gucci bamboo bar medium tote: excellent design from gucci

  • By firles venkey
  • Published 03/2/2011
  • Fiction

You must think the fashion house of Gucci is again making a joke by naming this bag “Bamboo”. The thought is reasonable, since, in fact, you won’t have any idea why it is called the name, unless you look really carefully and then discover the tiny little bamboo adornment attached to the nickel hardware. To be frank, I don’t think these tiny bamboo decorations have made any difference to the bag, and it does not matter at all if they are removed, or replaced by something else. They are simply like the imposed pieces to echo to Gucci motif for ad campaign. Nevertheless, they do not hinder this one from becoming an beautiful and elegant bag.   We can not deny the excellence in the design of this tote. The simple but classy style has brought it the alluring charm. Like other models of the Bamboo Bar Series, this bag also features the double braided handles. This tote comes in different models with different materials and colors. Aside from the design, craftsmanship is of equal importance. It is easy for people to recognize Gucci’s craftsmanship, which is discreetly and impeccably over the top in ways that few other brands can touch. And the size of the bag is ample enough to hold you daily necessities. Interior zip-top compartment of zip, cell phone, and pad pockets are convenient to separate accessories orderly. So taken as a whole, this Gucci Bamboo Bar Tote is still worthwhile for you to invest. But surely, the hefty price tag will still ask you to consider twice. It’s OK if you are not able or willing to spent that much money on this bag. But if you do like it, go for the replica versions of the original models. The top grade replicas are wonderfully made, with fine materials, and they can do the same job as the authentic ones do.



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