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Gucci fallwinter 2010: babouska boston bag with the perfect red

  • By Howarde Johnson
  • Published 06/8/2011
  • Fiction

We have seldom seen so many studs on a single bag. You may wonder whether someone is having a little too much fun with their gun over at Gucci. The Babouska collection is overloaded with them. Jessica Simpson has been spotted carrying this Gucci Babouska Boston Bag, which is in an eye-catching russet shade. We have to admit that Gucci is a mater on using colors. In its collection of fall/winter season 2010, this red Babouska Boston Bag really stands itself out of the crowd with the eye-catching color and shape. The unique design is of equal importance of course. If we use colors in the right ways, they can make huge difference, and on the contrary, they can also screw it up when matched wrong. It seems that Gucci also believe red is perfect color to coordinate with the snow, so they come up with such a fantastic idea for this fall/winter season. The entire lineup of the bag is loaded with intense hardware, resoundingly thick leather and a kind of charming quality that only select people will appreciate. Jessica Simpson doubtlessly is among them, and the bag makes she look cute here with the white the white dress. Please picture the scene where you carry this with a black leather coat. Ravishing! Isn’t it? And I’m sure you will not be able to walk down the street without being stared at. The men just can not take their eyes off you, while the women will also not be able to hide their envy when passing you. Actually, the color red on this Gucci Babouska is scintillating, no matter which season it is. This pretty red Gucci bag is going to make you feel like a bold, beautiful, fashion forward trendsetter.



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