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Gucci handbag your best choice

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 02/27/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Gucci  has been known to the world as a symbol of luxury since it was put on  the market. The very first original appearance of Gucci is a shop that  was ran by Guccio Gucci in  his hometown Florenca. Gucci became very famous in these years as  Guccio Gucci made his bags mixed with the noble and elegant sense that  came from the English Nobles. During the period of fascist reign, Gucci  turned itself into a company with great brightness and fantastic  imaginations because of lack of raw materials.   It  is known to all that the most famous series of Gucci handbag is the  Canvas series. This is one of the brightest point of handbags Gucci  during the World War Two as such materials were used as fibrilia, flax,  jute and bamboo which later have become the necessary elements of the  most individual styler. And Guccio Gucci also painted petrochemical  material on the bag and stamped the typical pattern of double G. In this  way, he found that his bags become very light and durable. This kind of  bags could satisfy people’s need completely. So the double G bags were  seen everywhere at that time. Of course, even nowadays it is still your  best choice.   Another  series that has a long history is the Bamboo series, which entered the  market in 1947. This series was designed based on the flank of the  saddle, and it has been very popular since it was sold in the shops.  What’s more, this series has caught many famous people’s eyes such as  the British royal family and many other superstars. The famous director  Michelangelo Antonioni even used this bag in his movie for several  times. And until now the bamboo bags are one of the typical Gucci  handbags. The bamboos that Gucci chose are all from China or Vietnam. With the fine workmanship and the natural material, this series bag is also very durable and well-done.   In  addition to the old series, the latest series of Gucci are beautiful  and famous as well. For example, Gucci Sukey Handbags which reminds me  of the LV Bucket bags because they are put on the market at the same  time. I don’t know whether this is coincidence or not but I have to say  that I prefer the Gucci Sukey Handbags as they have a unique shape  unlike the classic rectangular shape. Gucci bags will surely be your  choice.   Do you want to have your own replica Rolex Daytona at very affordable price?



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