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Gucci signature web belts: details

  • By cherry luice
  • Published 01/24/2011
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Are you one of those who only care about the plot of a movie? If your answer is yes, then you must have missed many details which have been shown on the screen. While if you are among the camp of people who always keep an eye on the small things besides watching the plot of the movie, especially those so-called Hollywood blockbusters, you will notice fashion elements everywhere. What I am talking about are not those large designer handbags that are easy to be found, but rather smaller stuff, such as ties and belts. To help you achieve a chic style, the fashion house of Gucci pays special attentions to detailed fashion accessories and each season it presents a complete range of designer belts. And as for this season of Gucci 2010 fall/winter collection I am rather interested in the interlocking-G buckled decorated pattern. Here I pick up three similar styles to share my ideas with you. All three pieces of Gucci belts feature signature web straps and trademark-alike interlocking-G buckle. The only difference lies in the color-lines of the signature web, which initially is used for endurable luggage and trucks. Therefore, you could expect this signature web made belt to last for long time to come, although it doesn’t appear that dressy and luxurious as the patent leather belts. The Gucci web belts are more suitable for casual and contemporary downtown looks. One of the Gucci signature web belt features beige/green/red web that enhanced with light brown leather, while the other two belts with green/red/green signature web are trimmed with either white leather or off-white leather. This Gucci men’s fashion belt gets more attempting with interlocking-G buckle made of nickel, and is measured 1.6” in width. You surely can take your own pick. It is to company you to various occasions for seasons or even years to come.



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