Guerilla Marketing Ideas

There are a variety of ways to promote a business. Some methods are expensive while others are inexpensive. There are even ways to market a business that do not cost a dime. Guerilla Marketing is a type of marketing in which a business uses their creative side to think of ways to spread the word about their business without spending a large chunk of the company’s revenues.

You must be willing to drop a business card anywhere and anytime you see an opportunity to reach potential clients. Leave a card on the table when you leave a restaurant. Hand a sales clerk your business card as you are paying for your merchandise. Place your business card inside of books and magazines at libraries in your town. Select magazines and books that your target market are most likely to read. Do not be too shy to leave your business card anywhere you see the opportunity.

Do good deeds for charities and people in need within your community. You will be helping others while potentially helping your business at the same time. You can host a charity event at your company. Have an auction or a walk for a cause. Call the local newspaper and stations to tell them about the event. You can receive free press coverage for your charity event and therefore your business as well.

Have a week where a portion of all revenue goes to a popular charity. Make sure your customers know about your fundraising event. Ask them to tell their friends and family so that everyone buys products or services they need while taking part in a good cause as well.

Wear your website URL proudly. Have your website address printed on a couple t-shirts and hats. Wear your apparel everywhere you go. This will be free advertising for your business. If you are particularly bold, you can have a temporary tattoo with your company’s website designed to wear for a few weeks.

If you have a physical company (not just one that is online), host a cookout during nice weather. Invite anyone to stop by. Offer special sales and promotions the day of your cookout. Some people will stop for free food, but you will probably gain a few extra customers as well.

Offer a no purchase necessary contest where people can win free items. Give away free items that have the website and logo of your business printed somewhere. People always like to win free items and you will be further promoting your business at the same time. You can offer contests both online and at a bricks and mortar location.

Offer a give away of products and services for people to test. Make sure these are quality products and services that will create a positive buzz. Ask those individuals if they will pass along their good reviews to others. People will be more receptive to going the extra mile to spread the word about your products since they received some free services or products.

There are dozens of fun and creative ways to promote your business. You can try everything from stamping your websites URL on a dollar bill before spending to stick it notes with your company’s URL on display racks at the local mall. Use your creative mind to create innovative promotional methods.


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