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Guest Blogger Selected for Writable and Washable Items


Write on / Wash off table cloth

We were supposed to announce the selection of our guest blogger for the writable and washable notebook paper themed apron, duvet cover or  table cloth, but unfortunately life and work sometimes don’t realize that they need to take a break so I can manage the blog.  So here we are a week later, but we have picked a guest blogger.


Patrick K had a pretty compelling story, plus I’m a sucker for a nice watch, or sometimes with my budget just content to read about watches on a nice watch blog.  It also helps to know that Patrick K is a fellow blogger/reviewer.  Anyway, we will get the table cloth into Patrick’s hands quickly so he (and his 3.5 year old) can get to work on the review, which hopefully doesn’t run afoul of any child labor laws. icon_biggrin-7278573

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