Guide to Alaska Fishing Trips

Alaska is truly a fisherman’s paradise. No other place offers the variety of Fishing Trips in one spot as Alaska does. Whether fishing for halibut in the deep water, or dropping a fly in a mountain stream, Alaska has it all.

When planning a dream Alaska fishing trip, the first stop should be the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s website. This must visit site contains a wealth of information from maps to regulations. You can even purchase fishing licenses online here.

Alaska is divided into three main regions; Southeast, Southcentral, and the Interior. Each region offers its own unique fishing opportunities.

Southeast Alaska with its dense forests, mountain streams and glaciers offers a postcard setting for your Alaskan fishing trip. Salmon is plentiful in the streams, and Halibut are near shore in the summer. Several species of trout, crab, and shrimp can also be found here. However this is a rugged and sparsely populated area. If you’re planning an Alaskan fishing trip here, it would be wise to make arrangements through one of the local lodges, or guide services.

The Southcentral region runs from Cape Suckling to the East, to the Aleutian Islands in the West. This area’s terrain includes mountains, dense forests, and taiga. It is home to the majority of Alaska’s population, and offers fishing for nearly every taste and level of adventure. Many enjoy the convenience of fishing for King Salmon in downtown Anchorage’s Ship Creek. If you crave a little more adventure, there are many guide services that will safely get you in and out of some of the richest sport fishing grounds in the world, all within a few hours of Anchorage. For the heartiest of souls, there is Bristol Bay, with its 30 foot tides and legendary fishing.

The Interior of Alaska is still very wild and untamed. Teeming with lakes, rivers, forests, tundra, and mountains, it is a sportsman’s paradise. This is a land of extremes where the temperature runs from highs in the 80’s to lows of 60 below zero. Many lakes and rivers are accessible by road, nearly all offering salmon, grayling, and dolly varden. But for a real Alaskan fishing trip you will need to leave the road behind, and venture into the wilderness. There are several guides and lodges that offer package deals to get you to where lifelong memories will be made.

An Alaska fishing trip is second to none. Alaska was once the playground only for the heartiest of souls or for the well off, but now Alaska is now open and accessible to all. Be sure to plan ahead to guarantee the enjoyment that an Alaska Fishing Trip has to offer. Do some research, decide what level of adventure you’re comfortable with, and if need be, take advantage of the competitively priced lodge and guide services. Alaska is still a very wild and untamed place. Lodges will provide very comfortable quarters, and guides will get you to the fishing holes and back alive. Returning to tell the tale is part of a successful Alaskan fishing trip.


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