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Guidelines for Creating a Press Release

  • By John Cunningham
  • Published 07/13/2010
  • Writing

One of the most effective advertisement and promotion articles is the press release. A press release contains news items or information from a company or particular industry. Probably, the most popular press releases are those concerning charity events. In addition to that, you can also include news items or information such as scheduled events, received awards from various organizations or media, new products or products lines, and accomplishments in a press release. Anything that is worth a good news story can be a press release. You can actually set a press release apart from other articles by recognizing the tone and the content. Typically, a press release tends to have no sales pitch tone unlike the sales advertisements from the company. But still, you get to introduce your company or product to the masses. The content of a press release is objective and highly informative. The marketing hype is definitely out of the context. And more often than not, a press release tends to have an interview format. Only the most relevant details are included in the article. As mentioned above, a press release must steer away from a sales pitch tone. This is strictly followed by the press release writers. Additionally, in creating a press release, these press release writers follow a particular format. This can be considered as a standard operating procedure for distribution of press releases. Here are some important guidelines which can teach you the basics of creating a press release.

1. The first step in creating a press release is to choose a news-worthy story or topic. Note that news-worthy stori

es from your company must be positive and honest. And usually, aside from stories such as sponsoring charity events, you can also create press releases for a development of a new company product which addresses the public needs or signing a contract of partnership or merger with a large company. 2. Always keep your press release short and concise. Normally, press releases take up only one page. And before starting the actual writing, bear in mind that press releases must have a serious tone. This means that the use of capital letters on the body of press releases must be avoided. The use of exclamation points is a big no-no. Remember that this is news that you are writing about and not just some article. 3. And lastly, here is the format for a press release: a. The first line of a press release must immediately state release instructions. You may put “For Immediate Release” or “For Release on Month/Date/Year”. b. Contact information is the second part of a press release. Include a contact person, company name, address, phone or fax number, and e-mail address. c. Create an attention-grabbing and significant headline which does not project a sales pitch tone. d. Create the body of your press release. Before you start, you must first insert a dateline which follows this format: City, State or Country, Month, Day, Year. Include all the vital information in your first paragraph. Take note that press releases do not indent paragraphs. It is in a full-block style. Do not exceed 500 words.

e. End your press release article with additional information about your company. You can insert a link directing to your website. After that, center “###” to indicate the end your press release.



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