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Guides for picking a mp4 player as a gift for christmas

  • By Mark Wolfe
  • Published 06/7/2011
  • Copywriting

Many people are busily preparing for Christmas gifts for their friends and family members now. Most of the young people like to buy digital products such as cell phones, digital cameras and other advanced digital appliances as gifts. It is a good idea for a person to buy a MP4 player as it is fashionable and functional.  However, to buy such a functional item is not an easy job if a person knows little about it. In order to know how to choose a good and suitable one, you have to know what it really is at first.  What’s a MP4? It is a device that can read and play audio files. Different from MP3, it has more functions. It can also bear the MPEG format. Usually, it has a little screen. The user can watch movies or photos and listening to music by using it. What’s more, it can be used by people to read e-books and playing games. Some of them even have the function of taking photos.  Basic Types of MP4 It has a variety of models.These models are various in designs,sizes,shapes and functions.  One common type in the market today comes with a LCD screen.It is a good item for you to carry when you are traveling. Usually the screen is small in size.  Another type comes with a touch screen. This one is more functional. It features special design as well as recording features. Yet this kind is fragile. It is not easy to keep it well.  

A player with the camera option is also common in today’s market of digital products. It comes up with a memory card as well as

remote controls.  How to choose it? Firstly, you have to decide the brand. iPod is the most popular music player. And it is also the most functional. It is better than many players of other brands. Included is the proprietary software, iTunes, which lets you buy and add music. And you can also create and manage playlists by it.  Then you have to choose the size and shapes. If you want to buy it as a gift for a person who likes traveling, a small one is suitable.If you don’t know whether the person likes a small one or not,it is always better for you to choose a large one.  Usually, a MP4 which supports expansion cards is better for people to use.  Then you have to choose the resolution of the screen. Usually a higher resolution provides a clearer image. Of course this one is better for you to buy as a gift.  You also have to pay attention to the life of the battery.It is very important. Almost all players use rechargeable batteries. Yet you have to get the one with good battery which can be used for a long time.  At last, check the memory size of it. If the gift is present to a person who enjoys listening to music very much, then you have to get the one with a large memory size. Yet it is not good for you to choose the one with an extremely large memory size such as 16GB.Don’t forget, we buy it mainly for listening to music.  If you are clear about the different features of different types of players, it is not difficult for you to choose a good one as a gift.To buy a MP4 player as a Christmas gift is really a good idea.A person is surely happy to receive it.



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