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Gum Disease: cause, effect, treatment and prevention suggested at Family Dentistry at Orlando

Gum is a place where human teeth are set in an artistic way. In medical science gum disease refers to a disease which is known as periodontal disease. Gum disease is found in two forms: periodontal and gingivitis. These two types of dental problems are very much to gum. If it is not treated timely, it may drive to even tooth lose. Periodontal diseases are cause for the following.

·         Plaque: caused by bacterial infection.

·         Hormonal Change

·         Stress

·         Smoking and tobacco.

·         Diabetics

·         Poor nutrition obesity

·         Teeth grinding.

·         Medicating and

·         Genetics.


Plaque is one of sticky substance which is actually cause by bacterial infection. It causes red gum which becomes swollen and acute pain is felt by a victim. The plaque turns into gingivitis, blood come out of them. Regular brushing and flossing can prevent teeth from plaque hence gingivitis.

Hormonal change:

During different periods of life woman suffer from various disease. At menopause, ministration and pregnancy hormonal changes are found in woman. As a result of hormonal  change, they become victim of gum disease.


Stress causes bad effect in mind  and fatigue in physics. The bad habit can also cause gum disease.

Smoking and taking tobacco:

Smoking is very much harmful to gum. Use of tobacco can be the reason of cancer and ulcer. Cancer in gum is a common disease in them who are known as chain smoker. Family dentist at Orlando opines that nicotine in tobacco is one of the known causes of periodontal disease.


It is an insulin related disease. A patient suffering from diabetic cannot not produce insulin in right proportion or use it correctly. Diabetics patient is prone to infection.  Lack of proper utilization of insulin they are opened to infection hence periodontal disease.

Nutrition is a must for all walk of people. It is essential to harmonize immune system of body.  If nutrition level is very poor and low, gum becomes open to periodontal disease and cannot recover from it.


Obesity is another problem for gum. Generally, the people who are victim of obesity are prone to disease. This type of people frequently suffers from this type of disease.

Teeth grinding:

It is seen in almost every family. Some people grind their teeth in their deep sleep. The grinding of teeth can cause gum disease. Orlando family dentist opine s that it is not only problem for gum but also the symptom of serious disease.


Some drugs- anti-depressants , oral contraceptives,   certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health and make us unhappy.


Some people are prone to gum disease. The percentage of them is 30.  Family dentistry at Orlando informs that this happen to their genetic characteristics.

Symptoms of gum diseases:

·         Red swollen gum

·         Bleeding from gum

·         Loose teeth

·         Sensitive teeth

·         Bad breathing

·         Painful chewing


·         Brush your teeth twice a day.

·         Regular Flossing is needed

·         Plastic or wooded pick should be used.

·         Consulting a dentist regularly

·         Avoid smoking


Orlando Family Dentist Dr. Thakur, BDS, MAGD, has been serving the people of Orlando and Central Florida for over 25 years. His patients both trust and feel comfortable at his Family Dentistry at Orlando.As Orlando’s favorite Emergency and Family Dentist, Dr. Thakur understands that there can be no compromise when it comes to providing his patients advanced dental treatment in a clean and sterile environment at affordable prices.

by DRMurad Thakur



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