Hair Extensions Pros and Cons

Hair extensions can be beautiful, but like any change, they also have the potential for disaster. If you’re thinking about getting hair extensions, consider the pros and cons before making up your mind.


Hair extensions add immediate length. If you’d like your hair to be longer for a special occasion, extensions can help you get the look you want now.

If you’re thinking about letting your hair grow out, you can try extensions first to see whether you really like the look. Growing out your hair will take a long time, and if you don’t like it, you’ll end up cutting it off again anyway.

Hair extensions can do more than just lengthen your hair; they can completely change your look. Some add volume, and still others add both length and volume. They can also add highlights, lowlights, color, and even beads to your hair.

Adding hair extensions is painless, and there are several ways in which they can be attached to your natural hair. They can be braided, glued, woven, or clipped.

Some hair extensions are available in a variety of weights, which means that you can vary them according to your hair’s needs.

Extensions can be attached to natural hair as short as 3 inches.


Hair extensions are expensive. Depending on how many extensions you need, how they are attached, and what type of hair you use, it can run into thousands of dollars. Add in the time involved, which is typically 4-6 hours on your first visit, and you have a great deal invested in the extensions. On top of that, you’ll be going back to the salon every 6-12 weeks for maintenance.

Removal can result in damage such as split ends, burned hair, and even bald spots. It’s important to find out how the extensions will be removed in order to minimize damage to your natural hair. In addition, the pressure that the extensions exert on the scalp can cause your natural hair to thin.

Some people are allergic to the extensions or the glue used to attach them.

Extensions made of natural hair are more expensive than synthetic extensions.

Forget the hair dryer! Synthetic hair extensions usually can’t be heated.

Hair extensions need special care. Those made of real hair should be treated more gently than your own natural hair. No matter which type of extension you get, you’ll need to use a special brush to avoid damage. You should also use a gentle shampoo, rinse in cool water, and use a light conditioner. It’s essential to keep the extensions moisturized, since they don’t benefit from the oils your natural hair gets from your scalp. It’s best to sleep with your hair pulled back into a braid or ponytail.

An extension can’t weigh more than the natural hair to which it is attached. The shorter your natural hair is, the fewer options you’ll have.

Hair extensions can be a real confidence booster or a real pain in the neck. It’s important to think about why you want them and whether they are worth the money, time, and risks.


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