Hair Follicle Drug Test: An Efficient Way to Trace Drug Abuse


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With drug abuse becoming more and more of a public concern, we need more accurate methods of detecting it that can become a foolproof way of tracing illegal drug use. The hair follicle drug test is another efficient way people can trace for drug abuse that’s why more and more people are trying it. Although it might take some time, the accuracy it brings and the principle behind it are capable of showing compelling results that are not easy to simply brush aside.

When it comes to checking for drug use, nowadays the hair follicle drug test is being used as a great alternative. Aside from being more efficient in terms of spotting for traces of illegal drugs, the hair follicle drug test can also yield results efficiently because you cannot fake the source. Urine samples can be quite tricky when used to detect for drug abuse. Since the person needed to pee, he or she would need to have some private time to do so. And since it will be for a drug test, a switch can happen without anybody knowing it so results can turn out to be tampered.

But of course, there are still a few ways in which the said test can be cheated. You will be surprised at how many cheating shampoos are being sold online to be able to remove traces of drug abuse. However, it can only cleanse the exterior of the hair. But when you look inside the hair follicle, there will still be some traces of positive drug abuse left there.

There are lots of drug test kits which are now available on the market so you can simply conduct a drug test right on your own. These kits also come with an instruction leaflet so you no longer have to make such a big fuss over the whole ordeal. Most of these kits can be bought over the internet. The kit works because the principle behind the hair follicle drug test relies on the bloodstream of the person. When people use illegal drugs or other drugs for that matter, the substance eventually mixes in with the blood. The person’s blood helps nourish the growth of hair follicles so in turn the drug substance in the blood gets carried into the hair follicle. Although the traces are marginal, they can still be lifted right off the hair follicle.

However, it does take time before the results can be obtained through this method. It normally takes around 90 days or three months before the results can come out, but the accuracy of the results is one of the strong factors on why it remains to be a highly preferred way of tracking down drug abuse. You can choose to submit around a half inch of a hair for the test so you can obtain faster results at around 30 days only. But most people still prefer to wait by submitting an inch and a half of hair follicle because of its pinpoint accuracy despite the waiting period.


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