Haircuts for Round Faces


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in Hair Care 
Published on 11-29-2009

It may not seem to be so, but sources do exist for finding haircuts for round faces. Oftentimes, magazines contain photographs of celebrities and models that can help in the search. Also, talking with hairstylists and performing online searches can generate advice in this arena to assist the person who has a round face. Whether one desires short or long hair, the key element in finding a haircut for a round face is to play down the symmetry of the shape.

Someone seeking a long haircut for a round face needs to think about adding volume to the style in order to make the face appear less symmetrical. Many times, this is done by cutting the hair in blunt layers and then allowing them to grow. Always be sure to visit the salon in the stylist’s recommended intervals to keep split ends from forming and to be sure the layers stay in the pattern they were originally cut while growing out. This ensures the health of the hair as well as the staying power of the style. Adding some off-center bangs to such a style gives a fun element to it while playing down the symmetry of the round face.

For someone who wants a shorter but new haircut for a round face, the traditional bob or blunt cut often fills the bill. These styles offer starting points for eventually growing the hair back out should the person choose to do so. Layering the hair in these styles will achieve a similar effect to using the technique with a longer cut, especially if short, feathery bangs are employed. The contrast between the feathered bangs and the shortness of a layered bob will work really well in drawing the focus away from the symmetrical roundness of the face. Blunt cutting lets hair take on an almost naturally feathered appearance and draws attention away from the face.

For the client who likes the style of everything but the hair directly above the face, a stylist may suggest cutting only the bangs area. In creating this type of haircut for a round face, the bangs can be either feathered for volume or cut to sit in a way suited to the particular person. Commonly, the bangs look as if they have been parted to one side or get cut in a way that accentuates a pretty portion of the face, such as the eyes, rather than tapering to the jaw line and drawing attention there like one might with other facial shapes. After all, the jaw line plays the biggest part in creating the symmetry or lack thereof in any face shape.

Thus, haircuts for round faces need not become a source of stress to the owners of those faces. Simply talking to a stylist, looking in magazines, and researching the subject online can generate a wide variety of flattering ideas. Celebrities and stylists alike create new haircuts for all face shapes, including round, each day, providing more options for those seeking new looks.


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