Hairstyles for Long Face Shapes


Authored by H. Clare Callow in Hair Care
Published on 06-07-2009

A long face shape is one of the most difficult face shapes to have. This is because most of your time is spent fighting the natural, graceful angles of your face to create a softer look. Opinions differ as to which hair style suits long faces, and the main split is whether to go long or short. There are advantages to both styles. A shorter cut can help add shape to your face, particularly if you have long, fine hair, while anyone can see from examples like Lisa Kudrow and Gwyneth Paltrow that a long, flower-child style can make you look graceful and elegant.

Whether you go long or short really depends on your features and the time you can devote to upkeep of your hair. Either look can work for you, if you take some factors into consideration and are careful with the particulars of the style you choose.

The key to a good haircut if you have a long face shape is texture. As the examples of many long-faced celebs show us, long hair definitely can be done with a long face if some texture is added. Long, absolutely straight hair with a straight cut just highlights the length of your face and should be avoided. If you have long straight hair and are happy with it, add some layers for texture, particularly around the edges of your face. It worked fantastically for Jennifer Anniston, and will for you.

If you have a high forehead, a fringe might help soften the angles of your face to create a more feminine look. This also adds a horizontal line to your face which contrasts with the vertical angles you already have. Adding some highlights to the hair around the edges of your face also creates some contrasts that will make your face look shorter.

If you have curly hair and a long face, congratulations – for once, curly hair will make things much, much easier! Curly hair already provides some texture to round out the lines of your face, and you can afford to play a little. A short, curly bob looks great, particularly with a side-part that can add roundness to your face. Only go for longer styles if you have large curls. If you have only a slight wave, blow-dry your hair with a diffuser to emphasise your waves and give your hair extra body.

An absolutely straight-cut style with straight hair of any length is to be avoided if you have a long face. This is because such a style echoes the long angles of your face. Styles and highlights that add width to the sides of your face are what to look for in a cut. Look for anything that creates shapes that draw some of the attention away from straight, up-and-down lines. Styles that add any volume to the top of your head are to be avoided, and remember to look for texture at the sides of your face.


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