Halloween Costume Ideas for Short People

Do not despair, short one! You are actually the most convenient size for Halloween celebration via costumes. Tall or large people often look frumpy or lanky in Halloween costumes, but you will never have to experience this. Take these unique ideas and make them your own for the best Halloween ever.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Short People- Girls

Edna ‘E’ Mode from The Incredibles

Yes dahling I knew you would be needing these

The constantly talking, dramatic, and hand-waving Edna from The Incredibles could be the hit of the party, assuming anyone you know watches Pixar. The best and most flattering costumes are concocted of real clothing that you find or modify yourself, and this one’s a cinch.

  • Black wig
  • Black Harry Potter glasses
  • Black dress on which you can opt to pin black cardboard strips to create her flexible-metal dress look
  • Black tights (always slimming)
  • Black flats

Halloween Costume Ideas for Short People- Unisex

Happy Bunny

Cute but Psycho, and I Farted!

The great part about this costume is that you can wear a real bunny costume or create a sexier version in practically any color. In addition, if you don’t find a Happy Bunny phrase that suits your whim, make one up! No one will know you made it up yourself and you will be entertained all night by the genius of your own wit. For the most striking effect and the least explaining possible, paint your skin whatever color you’ve chosen, and don’t forget the bunny ears. For the text, either paint your shirt or costume front, or for the sexy version, paint words on your already painted stomach. You shall inevitably be awarded extra points if your message on a bare stomach relates to farting.

Halloween Costume Ideas for Short People- Boys

Gimli from The Lord of the Rings

“I cannot jump the distance. You’ll have to toss me… don’t tell the elf”

This is a costume that can be realized with three simple components: a beard, a Viking hat of any caliber, and an axe. Feel free to get as complicated or uncomplicated with the rest of the outfit as you wish. The thing you need be most worried about is the quality of the beard. A huge, long, voluminous red beard is absolutely essential: none of this: Short, the Wrong Color, and Lame

If you need more specific directions, browse the wig section first and foremost and be prepared to spend $20-$40 on the wig alone. As for the helmet and axe, any shape will do. Celebrate being short and manly by grunting and yelling and counting kills all night while swigging the brew of your choice.

Newsie/ Newsboy

“Headlines don’t sell papes, Newsies sell papes”

Buy me last pape sir? A very simple Halloween costume to put together with clothing from thrift stores and/or regular stores (those hats have been in stores for years now). The shorter you are, the better your costume will look. It’s also a great reason to learn some sort of accent. The more obstinate and obnoxious you are the more fun you will have, though you’ll be competing with everyone else in that arena in the traditional Halloween form.

Short people often look the best and cutest in Halloween costumes of any kind, but these Halloween costumes are particularly suited to the short-statured due to the size of the original muse. Enjoy these Halloween costumes and celebrate that you’re short enough to make them work!


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