Halloween Craft Ideas for Children


Authored by Donna Johnson in Crafts
Published on 09-13-2009

If you ask any child what his or her favorite holidays are, most will include Halloween in their reply. This is most likely due to the fun of dressing up and getting free candy. But Halloween can also be a fun time for your family to do some crafts together. There are many Halloween crafts you can do with your children of any age.

If you have a very young child, you can paint a pumpkin patch with him. Have your child make a fist and dip the side of his hand into nontoxic finger paints. Next, help him stamp several imprints of the side of his hand onto the paper like a row of pumpkins. When the paint dries, use a marker to add details like stems or outlines to the pumpkins. This craft is still fun for somewhat older children, but they can add their own embellishments.

A preschool aged child may enjoy making spider web Halloween decorations. You can take a white wire hanger, cut off the hanger part, and bend it into a rough spider web outline. Tie white yarn to the hanger and help your child weave and wrap the yarn around the hanger in whatever web form she likes. After the web is ready, it will need a spider. Take four black pipe cleaners and have your child twist them together in the middle. Help her glue a black pompom to the center and bend the pipe cleaners into eight legs. For a friendlier spider, your child can also glue squiggle eyes to the pompom, or use puff paints to dot on eyes and a smile. Your child can attach the spider to its web anywhere she likes.

A younger child can also help create garlands for Halloween decorations. These can be very simple or elaborate, depending on your child’s skill and your imagination. For a plain garland, help your child accordion fold a long piece of paper and draw a simple Halloween figure like a ghost on it. Make sure the design extends to the edges of the paper. The arms of the figure are a good part to extend to the edge. Let your child use safety scissors to cut out the figure and have him be careful to not cut around the edges where the figure’s arms reach. Unfold the paper to reveal a string of Halloween figures holding hands.

If you have an older child or one who isn’t scared by the spookier aspects of Halloween, you can have her help you create outdoor Halloween decorations such as tombstones. Tombstones can be made from plain cardboard or more durable materials like wood to use year after year. For an authentic look, have your child paint the tombstone gray and draw cracks on it with black marker. Don’t forget to personalize the tombstones. Let your child choose whether she’d like to use real names on them, or make up funny names such as Ima Zombie or Mole D. Bones.

These Halloween crafts ideas for kids are pretty basic, but should give you and your family a starting point to have a great time. These ideas can also be tailored to your child’s age, abilities, and preferences. The whole family can work together as a team to craft a super spooky Halloween.


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