Halloween Decoration Ideas for Your Driveway

Decorating for Halloween is almost as fun as dressing the kids up and watching the excitement on their faces as they trick or treat. Whether you have a long or short driveway, there are things that you can do to decorate it for Halloween.

Decorate your Driveway with Halloween Lights

Halloween tiki torches are good choices for Halloween lighting. Skeleton, pumpkin, witch or ghost tiki torches will add a spooktaclur glow to your driveway.

If your driveway has a fence around it, you can choose from a wide selection of Halloween light strings. These are available in colors or traditional Halloween characters.

Black lights and strobe lights make great selections for decorating your driveway for Halloween. These lights can be used to add lighting effects to your other Halloween decorations.

Decorate your Driveway with Halloween Tombstones

There are a variety of different tombstone decorations that can be used to line your driveway. You can use tombstones that say RIP, light up, or have ghosts or skulls on them.

Decorate your Driveway with Halloween Lawn Signs

Halloween lawn signs can be placed at the entrance to your driveway. These are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some light up and have spooky sayings like beware of zombies, horror motel, and haunted cemetery.

Decorate your Driveway with Halloween Figures

There are figures of ghosts, the grim reaper, skeletons, and other ghoulish Halloween characters that you can use to help create a spooky Halloween driveway scene.

Or you can create your own scary characters. Fill some old clothes with hay, and add a pumpkin for the head to create a Halloween scarecrow. You can also put a mask on the pumpkin to create a scarier look. Masks like the ones worn by Jason in the “Friday the 13th” movie, or Michael Myers from the movie “Halloween.”

Decorate your Mailbox for Halloween

Add some cobwebs to your mailbox. There are inflatable mailbox monsters that are made just for mailboxes. It’s Halloween so you can be creative. Lay a rubber hand on top of the mailbox, or attach a ghost so that when a car goes by or the wind blows, it looks like the ghost is floating.

Decorate the Trees near your Driveway for Halloween

There are several things you can do to decorate your trees for Halloween. Tie ghosts, skeletons, witches, or spiders from the tree branches. Decorate the trees with Halloween lights or cobwebs.

Decorate your Driveway with Creative Halloween Scenes

Mix some of these ideas together and you can create a creepy Halloween scene that will give your visitors a frightful scare. Hide a CD player outside and play some scary Halloween music to add to the creepiness.

These are just a few of the ideas you can use to decorate your driveway for Halloween. One of the best things about Halloween is that you get to be creative. So don’t be afraid to go batty with your Halloween decorations. Happy Halloween!


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