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Hands holding a white flower of the bride

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/6/2011
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Wedding ceremony after the new people tend to open a dance party celebrating the recommended 4 style wedding bridal fashion, so as you move a quiet, people are “Swan Lake” in the elegant princess. Ladies want to reflect the quiet temperament, please use the School-style Cocktail Dresses Pleated round neck design, with emphasis on light and texture of fabric wedding to set off when the bride dances Smart body.Pleasant sweet petite body full line of wedding for the bride, rich flower decoration can be distributed visual focus. Wedding flowers can add light infinite vitality.Create Shuyuan style bride, dance dance will probably be slow, then drape a small skirt and tail light to become the bride’s dance props, gently put in the hands and let the wind kick up.

Ballet skirt with corset style shoulders of the bride’s body symmetry, is a major challenge. With the popularization of ballet, artistic challenge of the bride may wish to dance to classical music under the collar charm. Will become the bride of you

, whether it is for outdoor wedding day hair design felt so good? What kind of hair and the overall design of your wedding is harmonious society? Whether his bride hair highlights your personality characteristics? Teach you the recipe today, stunning novel approach to create a style more imaginative bride! Moment into the wedding hall, showing the best side, for we must rely on a variety of wonderful Dress up baby, hair accessories, that is, the bride can bring thousands of fashion style to share.Classic white wedding dress the bride and the groom black romantic film together a group of wedding photos, will they show up perfect happiness. The following four are filled with wedding photos and romantic atmosphere. Classic white Vintage Wedding Dresses white wedding classic bride bride flower skirt Bra style design folds the bride dressed like a tender and beautiful like a flower, holding white flowers will also be the perfect bride’s lovely to show up, the head of the princess bride crown headdress to the bride’s hair and makeup are perfect foil out. Hands holding a white flower of the bride



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