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Hanging Folder Filing Tabs by Postit Brand Products


Post it Filing Tabs

I’ve never been too thrilled with the standard plastic and paper filing tabs that come with hanging file folders, and thats putting it lightly.  I find them difficult to use because you have to tear the tiny perforated strips to size, write on them, and insert them into their tiny plastic sleeves.  Once you clear all of those hurdles, you are limited to only being able to slide them into the fixed spaced slots on the edge of your folder.  Luckily, 3M has a solution with their Post-it Filing Tabs that are re-positionable hanging folder filing tabs.


Post it Filing Tabs – Apply Anywhere

These re-positionable hanging folder filing tabs are 2″ wide and come in packages of 24.  In addition to the version I’ve got here, they do also come in colors for an additional way to help organize your folders.  Just like their plastic counterparts, they have that slightly angled top too, which makes it easier to read them from above.  Besides being much more convenient and easier to use, I think they are probably a bit more earth friendly since they seem to be made by using much less plastic.


The Package to Look For – Post it Filing Tabs

I think standard hanging folder filing tabs have been such a sore spot for me for such a long time, that I can’t get over the simplicity of this awesome Post-it solution. These hanging folder filing tabs address a very annoying problem in an incredibly simple way.  I can’t imagine a day from today on where I don’t have at least one package of Post-it Filing Tabs on hand to manage my hanging folder filing tabs needs.  I would highly recommend that you grab a set for yourself and try them.  You won’t believe how much easier they make your daily filing chores.

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