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Happy Face Binder Clips


If you remember, I mentioned these Happy Face Binder Clips (via Amazon) a few weeks ago in the announcement of one of our monthly giveaway winners.  They finally arrived yesterday in my mail so I just wanted to show them off here on the site today.

Heads up if you order your own Happy Face Binder Clips:

Some of you may have seen my post on Instagram yesterday, if not you are obviously seeing it above right now.  I post that here today as a heads up because I learned an important lesson about paying attention to your Amazon orders.  There are two vendors that sell these happy face binder clips on Amazon, and I selected the one that was the cheaper of the two.  Although it meant waiting longer for shipping, they were also two dollars cheaper so I figured since I wasn’t in a rush to get them, why not save the two bucks?  To my surprise they were actually shipping directly from China.  So if you decide to be cheap and save the $2 on your Happy Face Binder Clips like I did, don’t be surprised when a shady package shows up at your door a month later.  Also, don’t forget to make sure you that you are following on Instagram.  There is plenty of additional and random office supply extras there, not to mention fun giveaways like we did recently to win a new pen and notebook for guessing the name of a movie based on a screen shot from it.


I couldn’t help laughing when I took this picture of the tub full of Happy Face Binder Clips.  It looks like a bunch of people pressed up against the doors at Walmart on Black Friday ready to trample someone to death to save some money on a new TV that they don’t really need.  I particularly feel bad for the upside down pink winky face one on the right in that situation though. 🙂  When I originally ordered these, I didn’t even realize that each color had different faces on them, so besides there being four different colors, each color has a slightly different smiley face on it.


Just a quick picture of the front of the tub of Happy Face Binder Clips as well to let you see what you are getting.  I’m looking forward to using these at work, it will be fun to latch these onto the next report or presentation I have, hopefully they will put a smile on some of my co-workers faces.  If you want to cheer up the people you work with, or even just yourself, I’d definitely recommend some Happy Face Binder Clips (via Amazon) as a way to do it.  Maybe someone needs to make some angry face binder clips too for other less happy situations and co-workers though.

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