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Happy Veterans Day

I got this pen as part of my most recent JetPens order and didn’t expect it to show up so quickly so I figured it was a sign that I should share it today on Veteran’s Day.  I’m pretty much a sucker with anything that has the vintage flag look to it so this pen was a no-brainer for me.  There will definitely be a review coming up over the next week or so once I’ve had some time to use it, although I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the Retro 51 Bamboo version as well.

Instead of (or in addition to) participating in all of the sales today, give some thought to donating to a good veterans related cause like the Fisher House, Navy SEAL Foundation or Semper Fi Fund. Regardless of if you donate to a charity today, always make sure you check out any charity you consider donating to on a site like Charity Navigator or Charity Watch that look into their financial efficiency so you can make sure your money is getting used in the best way possible for the charity of your choice.  Sometimes you might be surprised how some of the bigger well known charities just are not as efficient with  your money.

Happy Veterans day and thanks to all the Vets out there!

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