Hardware Upgrade Solutions For Your Laptop Computer

A laptop computer buyer usually has one thing in mind when making a purchase – convenience. He buys a laptop computer to save desk space and for mobility – the flexibility carry it anywhere he likes and even work in Wi-Fi hotspots. Only after using it for a time does he realise that he could do with a hardware upgrade to enhance his computing experience.

A good number of laptop users, especially those who are not tech-savvy, are not sure whether an upgrade is possible or not. This quick guide will clear the air on the above matter.

Apart from upgrading to a new battery, there are two hardware components you can easily upgrade in a laptop computer.

RAM Upgrade

The first component is RAM (Random Access Memory). As you keep installing the latest powerful applications in your laptop, you may notice that your computer is underperforming. More so if there’s a need to multi-task. This calls for a RAM upgrade.

When it comes to laptop computers, upgrading RAM is by far the easiest task to undertake. All you have to do is remove a panel at the bottom of your laptop, remove your old RAM and insert a new unit. Before that you would have to check RAM compatibility before undertaking the exercise.

Upgrading Hard Disk

There is always need for larger hard disk space with many users storing multimedia files for easy playback on their computers. Replacing your hard disk is a trickier task. You have to unscrew the hard disk, remove it from the mounting bracket and replace it with a new unit. Unlike a RAM upgrade, you would want to get a qualified technician to do it for you. With options for external hard disks available, you may not want to choose an internal hard disk upgrade.

Can You Upgrade Your Laptop Processor?

Many would wish they could upgrade their laptop processors to provide them with better processing speed. Can this be done? Some laptop models provide the option for a processor upgrade. Check your manual or with the manufacturer’s help desk. If such an option is available, the first thing you should do is check the cost. If the cost is close to the price of a new laptop, forgo the option.

If it’s cost-effective, you should leave the upgrade process to a qualified laptop technician, preferably with the manufacturer’s technical support team.

Use the Flexibility of Your Card Slot

The slot allows you the flexibility to upgrade to a newer modem, a firewire connection and even network ports. For newer laptops, the ExpressCard slot, for instance, allows you the flexibility to add wireless capability if you don’t have one. You can also add eSATA capability so that you can have a fast external hard disk.

USB 2.0

New hardware could easily be added to your laptop computer with these ports – anything from an external hard drive, floppy drive, keyboard and video capture device.

Although internal upgrades are limited for laptop computers, USB ports and Card Slots give users the flexibility to add new hardware to their laptop computers.


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