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Have A Regular Schedule For Your Blogging

  • By Kevin Sinclair
  • Published 05/11/2008
  • Article Writing

Blogging needs to be completed on a regular basis to ensure interesting material is available for your readers and to allow you to max up your profits. Some people are only encouraged to post on their blog when they are feeling particularly creative but this is really not how things should be and this problem can be overcome by putting your blog on a schedule. Take the time to have a practical look at your business and work out how blogging can fit in. You do not want to be blogging on a constant basis, you simply want to bring this task a little nearer the top of your pile marked “low priority”. In some instances your blogs may be the only way you are making money and if this is the case, blogging should be put into the pile marked “high priority” and quickly!

The timing of the schedule you set up for blogging is entirely up to yourself. It can, of course, be varied as and when it is necessary, say for example, if your circumstances change. It may well be that you’re going to temporarily blog on a daily basis on your Internet Marketing blog due to the fact that you are promoting an affiliate product or your new e-book is about to the launched. For a regular week you might consider blogging each day, but sw

itching between all of your blogs. With scheduling the most important thing to think about is creating your timetable for the coming week. Consider what time of day is available to you to do your blogging especially if you are a part-time internet marketer. Which time will work best for you, mornings or afternoons? Make a draft plan whilst you are thinking about these things and decide what your blog topics will be for the posts you have in mind for the coming week. It your mind goes blank at this point, don’t worry as the seed has been planted and you are sure to come up with something soon. Find ways of streamlining your posting. If your blogs are related in some way, you will be able to change your posting to fit all of them. If, however, they are in totally different fields, you may still be able to save some time by using the same kind of blogs. For example, you may want to post a video from YouTube and whilst searching for one video you will find more to put on your other blogs.

Scheduling your blogging may not result in the most imaginative outcome but it can lead to your blog being more successful. It will help you to be consistent with your blogging and you will do just what you set out to do – keep your readers interested and maximize your profits at the same time.



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