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Health and Social Care Jobs the Future

Health and Social Care jobs are under continuous pressure in the UK, with budget cuts and political pressures coming to bear (except in the case of private heath care). The long term future of Health and Social Care sectors would seem to be assured – we are all living longer, and so demand is certain to increase – though how it will be financed is an imponderable.

The National Health Service is undergoing yet another phase of change. In fact, change is a way of life in the NHS, and whatever the nature of the change, there is always opposition both internal and external.

There have been waves of recruitment and then job-shedding with successive governments. For health professionals, there are alternatives – the private health care sector continues to grow, but for anyone considering it as an option, then it is important to evaluate the total package carefully. The security of an NHS position and associated pension is under challenge and in the current economic climate no improvement is foreseen. For middle and senior managers in the NHS, the ability to operate in a highly political environment (that is political with a small ‘p’) is essential to progression.

In the Social Care sector, there is practically no ‘private sector’ equivalent, and almost all private companies which advertise social care jobs are working under contract to a local authority or the NHS. They carry out advertising and pre-screening and fees are usually paid on a successful placement. Note that there are two avenues – Local Authority and NHS. Social care workers in the NHS are usually focused on patient circumstance when they are about to be discharged. Some patients will need additional help, either at home, or in temporary (or even permanent) nursing or residential care. The social care worker will assess the situation and make the necessary arrangements. Demand is unlikely to fall.

About the Author : Emily Inglis is a supporter of health and social care jobs



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