Health Benefits of Cod Liver Oil


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Nutrition
Published on 02-17-2009

Cod Liver Oil has become one of the hottest super foods and a popular supplement for overall health and healing. There are many healthful benefits that can result from use of cod liver oil. This oil that comes from the liver of cod provides many essential vitamins and other nutrients. The supplement can have benefits from head to toe covering just about every body organ. No one should use the supplement without first talking to their physician.

One of the health benefits of cod liver oil is the of the mental type. It can actually help to prevent or treat some forms of depression. This is due to the fact that it can actually act like an anti-depressant. It is much safer to use cod liver oil than pharmaceutical prescriptions for depression and other related mental health diseases.

Cod Liver oil serves as an anti-inflammatory and can therefore help to lesson the affects of many diseases pertaining to inflammation. It can be used to help treat rheumatism, arthritis and fibromyalgia just to name a few. Cod liver oil can even help to prevent or lesson the symptoms of Chron’s Disease and Irritable Bowl Syndrome.

Cardiovascular health can be achieved and maintained by using cod liver oil supplements. It can help a man or lady to have a healthy heart, better circulation and lower levels of cholesterol. Cod Liver oil is even good for a healthy nervous system. The immune system can receive a boost from the use of cod liver supplements. You can benefit from less illnesses and a faster recovery when you are ill.

The vitamins that are found in cod liver oil can help to maintain good visual health. Most people who take cod liver oil supplements have less problems with brittle bones. This benefit is especially important for older individuals.

Another health benefit that can be achieved through the use of cod liver oil is having healthy and glowing skin. Using cod liver supplements can help to keep you from having hair loss and can add to the health and shine of your hair.

If you are worried about kidney disease, you could benefit from cod liver oil. Cod liver oil can help to lower the risks of diabetes or lesson the affects if you are already afflicted with the disease. It is believed that cod liver oil can also help to cancer away.

Cod liver oil supplements can help you to stay in shape. You will have the energy and endurance to be active and fit. In addition, many people who use cod liver oil notice that they are able to lose weight and later maintain a weight more to their liking.

Believe it or not, cod liver oil can even help to reduce or eliminate allergies. There are any number of benefits that result from cod liver oil use. It seems that cod liver oil can help to treat or prevent just about any common disease. People who are using cod liver oil can achieve a healthy lifestyle.


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