Health Benefits of Yoga

The yoga craze has swept the world these past few years although it has been around for centuries. Originating in ancient India, yoga is a practice that aims to strengthen the union between the body, mind and spirit by making a person aware of their body’s posture, alignment, and movement patterns through a series of stretches and breathing techniques. While this is the main objective of yoga, there are other benefits to getting into this kind of groove.

First and foremost, yoga allows a person to maximize his or her flexibility and strength. This activity requires a lot of stretching, thus building flexibility for all the muscles in the body. The stretches, correctly called as poses in yoga terms, also require a person to use his or her strength when balancing and moving from one pose to another. Constant practice of yoga helps a person develop his or her flexibility further and increases the body’s strength. An added bonus to doing yoga is getting a toned body-with constant practice, the muscle tones eventually, giving a person a very long and lean look.

Most of the time, people get into yoga because the want to get into the healthier side of life. Aside from building strength and flexibility, yoga can also correct or improve posture, align the muscles correctly, and gradually reduce pain in the neck and the back. Moreover, Pranayama, or the yoga breathing exercises, allows for better breathing as much attention is required on the breath and how to maximize the lungs to benefit the entire body. Breathing correctly can calm the mind, and also clear up the nasal system.

Other than physical benefits, there are also psychological advantages that one can gain from this physical activity. Yoga is widely known as a very calming occupation as it requires a lot of concentration in order to do the poses correctly. The breathing exercises along with the various meditation techniques that yoga introduces, one can really feel relaxed in the mind.

Like most physical activities, yoga is also a good stress reliever. As the poses become more complicated and the level of difficulty increases, the body is more challenged to do more, hence, this is a good way to release tension. Yoga also requires a person to have a clear mind before starting in order to fully concentrate on the activity, and this really helps in taking a break from all the hustle and bustle even for just a few minutes. Meditation also helps in clearing the mind and calming the soul, so this might be a good solution to all stress-related problems.

Lastly, getting involved in yoga can improve one’s self confidence. Given all the physical benefits-better posture, toned muscles plus a stronger and flexible body-and the peace of mind it brings, a person can truly feel better about himself or herself after each yoga class. Yoga makes a person more aware of his or her body, hence, making them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Get into yoga now and start feeling better all over.


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