Healthy Dinner at Outback Steakhouse

Believe it or not, it is possible to eat a healthy dinner at Outback Steakhouse. Making the right choices on menu items, however, is completely up to you. And here’s how to make ordering a simple and healthy task.

For starters, skip the breaded and deep fried appetizers if you need an appetizer at all. Outback Steakhouse is known for their hefty platter sizes, so you won’t be left hungry even if you don’t order extra. Did you know that their Aussie Cheese Fries have been pinpointed as one of the worst foods in America by Men’s Health and Time Magazine in separate studies conducted on their caloric content? Even when shared three ways, there are still more calories in this appetizer than there should be in your whole meal!

If you feel the need to order an appetizer anyways, then make sure you stick to the healthiest options in the bunch. They offer plenty of salads that can help you stay within healthy caloric range, but you have to watch out when it comes to the dressing and the toppings on the salad of your choosing. Ask for the dressing on the side and use lightly. They offer some healthy options for these, too, such as the Tangy Tomato Dressing, which is fat-free.

To save another 100 calories, ask for the salad sans the fatty toppings such as cheese and croutons. Remember, these are still loaded with calories, even when combined with lettuce and tomatoes! Salads have a sneaky way of making themselves almost calorically equivalent to a main dish, so make sure you watch out.

Now, for the main course, there are some simple things to keep in mind while you order. Outback Steakhouse prides itself on making everything fresh when you order it, and they have no problem meeting your dietary needs. Make sure to tell your server that you would like your food prepared without butter, and to go light on the oil when necessary. Also, skip the sauces, which can have loads of both. Those three simple guidelines could cut out about 200-300 calories from your meal, maybe more.

Another rule of thumb for a healthy dinner at Outback Steakhouse is to choose the healthy side options, such as steamed vegetables or house salad. If you opt for a baked potato, again, skip the butter, and use the natural juices from your entrée to give it flavor along with some salt and pepper.

If a healthy dinner is your goal, consider the fact that chicken and fish are much lower in fat content than steak. Outback Steakhouse offers up great selections of both. Just because it’s a steakhouse doesn’t mean they only serve steak, so don’t ignore these delicious healthier options. If steak is on your mind as the one and only dinner option, stick to the 8 ounce.

Eating a healthy dinner at Outback Steakhouse is easy; you just need to stick to the logical healthy choices. This can be hard to do in a setting where all the surrounding plates are calling you with their delicious smells, but there is nothing that tastes as good as healthy feels!


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