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Hello Kitty Moleskine Limited Edition Journals Pre Order

We always like to keep up on the new limited edition and licensed Moleskine journals as they come out because they are usually well done with some of the most iconic characters in popular media.  Just recently Moleskine announced their newest series, which as you can already see is the Hello Kitty series.  Sometimes I think that the world of Hello Kitty is really just an evil cult determined to brainwash the and take over the world for some unknown evil purpose.  With that said, its looks like their next step towards world domination involves hijacking your stationery supplies.

Although they are not available yet, you can pre-order them directly from Moleskine and they say that they are set to ship by 12/08, which sounds like they will be in your hands in time for the holiday season if someone on your gift list would be interested in one of these.

They definitely aren’t my cup of tea, but with the vast throngs of Hello Kitty fans out there I figured that it was somehow my duty to share this with folks so they can look forward to taking notes on how to take over the world using the official stationery of their cult , the Hello Kitty Moleskine journal.

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