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Hello Kuru Toga, The Hello Kitty Kuru Toga


If you have been under a rock for the last um, I don’t know, 30 years or so, you may have missed the fact that Hello Kitty can be found on just about any product you can imagine.  The Hello Kitty Kuru Toga (via Amazon) is clearly never going to be my go-to favorite pencil however I just thought since I’ve reviewed just about every other Kuru Toga, I shouldn’t discriminate so here she is in all of her glory.  I mean heck, just because something isn’t my cup o’ tea, doesn’t mean there aren’t tons of people reading the blog that would actually enjoy this version of the popular mechanical pencil.


Like I said, Hello Kitty isn’t really my style, but in a way there are actually a few visual aspects about the Hello Kitty Kuru Toga that I actually like.  The first thing I actually like is the translucent red plunger that shows off the white eraser.  Something about the contrast of the white with the red tint to it looks kind of cool.  It actually has a little bit of a police light look to it I guess, but overall if this were just a white pen with that effect I think I’d like it a lot.  The other thing is that well yes, I do kinda think the design of the Hello Kitty face on the Kuru Toga is kind of cool with its border-less but iconic whiskers and bow.  I guess what I’m saying is Hello Kitty isn’t for me, but visually they did a great job with the design.

Here is a closer look at the Hello Kitty Kuru Toga Face and branding.  When you get in this close you can see that some of the lines are a little bit fuzzy, so maybe there could have been a little bit better resolution used for the branding and artwork, but still kind of cool.

For those of you who never saw the full review of the original Kuru Toga mechanical pencil, click on that link to check it out.  The thing to take away from it though is the picture above of the writing sample.  The first row on the top shows a cut out of a larger crossword puzzle after filling out the entire thing top to bottom in order (yes, I cheated) and without readjusting the pencil to get a better or thinner line.  The bottom row shows the same boxes from a second print out of the same crossword puzzle filled out the exact same way but with a regular wood case pencil.  As you can see, the Kuru Toga mechanical pencil ensures that you always have a sharp and consistent point.  Now you can have that sharp and consistent point, AND Hello Kitty all at once.  If thats your thing, then here is your link to the Hello Kitty Kuru Toga on Amazon.

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