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Help Bring Some Really Cool Aluminum Refillable Highlighters to Market


Refillable Aluminum Highlighters in a Dual Purpose Carrying Case and Stand

I’ve shared some stuff from Quirky.com and Jared Joyce with you before, but I think these new aluminum refillable highlighters have a great chance to succeed, but only with your support.  Simply head over to Quirky to vote on and provide your feedback on this product, and you could actually earn a percentage of every sale should the product make it to market.  Just think, for as long as people keep buying these, you could be earning money for providing your expert knowledge as an office supply geek and consumer.  If you remember the Tape Stamper by Jared Joyce that I shared here earlier in the year, you might be pleased to know that it is currently on its way to being produced and sold by Quirky.  If you are like me and you provided your feedback on the Tape Stamper, you might also be on your way to making a few cents or dollars for every one sold.  Now sure if you only earn .05% (like me) that might not seem like a lot, but I would be very happy to take $.03 or so on every one of those sold.  Who knows, if they sell 10,000 of them that would be $300 for me to spend on more office supplies!  From what I can tell there is plenty of opportunity to earn more than just .05% on lots of items by providing your feedback, so why not get started by giving some feedback on a product that you likely have some great insight on already?


Refillable Aluminum Highlighter Parts

So here is what you need to do to get started on your way to helping these awesome aluminum refillable highlighters to production, and making yourself a few bucks on the way:

  1. Head on over and sign up at Quirky.com.
  2. If you are already signed up, or after you have signed up, check out the aluminum highlighters here.
  3. If after reading about them, you think you would want to see this product developed, click on the purple “Vote for This” check box, and use the sliding scale on each category to rank how you feel about the product.  The image below is a sample of what you will see on the Quirky.com site. vote-on-quirky-209x300-9141955

    Here is the box that you are looking for when you go vote on Quirky

  4. Leave your feedback in the comments section to let everyone know what you think about them, and give any feedback that might be helpful.
  5. Share this post with any of your friends, family, or co-workers who you think would like to help influence these high-end aluminum highlighters, and stay tuned to see if your influence helped to out-vote the other interesting products up for consideration this week.

Personally I think these have a ton of potential and would be an awesome addition to any desk or backpack, so lets see what kind of influence we can have as a group in getting these aluminum refillable highlighters to market.  Head on over to Quirky, check out the aluminum refillable highlighters and show them how big of an office supply geek you are, but keep in mind that voting ends on Monday, October 25th at 11:00 AM Eastern Time.

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