Herbal Remedies For Erectile Dysfunction


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Men’s Health 
Published on 05-31-2009

While the occasional episode of erectile dysfunction can happen to any male, the continual problem of retaining an erection well enough for sexual activity often increases as the male body ages. There are several reasons for this unfortunate problem to occur, not the least of which is lowered testosterone production in males as they near fifty years of age. While such drug company staples as Viagra and Calais offer a temporary “quick fix” the habitual use of some herbal remedies and dietary supplements can offer more routine help in offsetting the effects of aging on sexual activity.

Ginko Biloba, when brewed as a tea and drunk tends to help increase blood flow which helps improve the amount that can be held in the penis. Ginko does act as a blood thinner which is why reports of a higher incidence of stomach bleeding can occur in some people. It is not recommended for use if a person is taking other blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin. It should be especially avoided if one is contemplating surgery in the near future.

Another familiar herb that can be consumed as a tea is Ginseng. This herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction has been used for millennia in China and is a routine treatment in most old-world traditional medicine pharmacopoeia. Modern studies have shown that it does seem to have a positive effect in treating erectile dysfunction. Negative reactions as very rare and the herb is considered quite safe wit hthe exception of those taking monoamine oxidase inhibitor (MAOI) antidepressants. The reaction between ginseng and MAOI’s can cause mania.

The bark of the African Yohimbe tree is sometimes prescribed to patients suffering mild erectile dysfunction. Medical studies have shown it has an even stronger effect for the inflicted if the problem is mostly psychological in nature. There are some adverse side effects created by taking yohimbe. It can cause higher blood pressure and a fast heart rate. There is the possibility of increasing the dangers of kidney disease and can acerbate mood disorders. It is recommended that you only take yohimbe on the approval of your medical doctor.

Epimedium is more commonly known by the common name of “horny goat weed”. This is another of the ancient traditional Chinese treatments for erectile dysfunction. Epimedium works on decreasing the incidence of erectile dysfunction by causing an increase in the production of testosterone in the body. This is especially good in that, by the age of 45 or 50, most men find their bodies are decreasing the production of this essential hormone. About the only known adverse side effect to horny goat weed is that it can cause breathing troubles if taken in very high doses.

Using natural herbal remedies can help prevent some of the common side effects of laboratory produced chemical substances. Being natural though, the doses are not always consistent and it is best to work with less and slowly build up to full strength. Also, be aware that many erectile dysfunction remedies that claim to be “herbal” are anything but. After Viagra came on the market there was a rush of sales for what was advertised as “Herbal Viagra”. Many actually contained a drug similar to the prescription formula that should only be administered under a doctor’s care as it can produce severe and potentially lethal side effects.


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