Herbal Remedies for Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem common for many men. What may surprise some people is the fact that the underlying reason for this condition may be due to some sort of nutritional imbalance that affects male performance. When this is the case, the use of herbs, singly and in various combinations, can have a positive effect and make it much easier to enjoy intimacy for longer periods of time.

It is not unusual for men who suffer with ejaculatory problems of all types to be deficient in magnesium. This vital mineral has a calming effect on mind and body, especially when combined with calcium. Far from interfering with sexual pleasure, magnesium can make it easier to establish and enjoy a moderate pace that ultimately leaves both the male and his partner more satisfied. It is easy to incorporate magnesium into the diet by taking herbs like kelp, horsetail, red clover, and eyebright. In fact, red clover can be brewed into a tasty tea, which makes it much easier to absorb the magnesium in a relatively short period of time.

Another approach is to make use of herbs that help to promote a proper balance of neurotransmitters in the brain. Several of these neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, play an important role in keeping the mood even. By enjoying chamomile, Hawthorne berry, and valerian root, either singly or in an herbal combination, the male can feel relaxed and not feel rushed during intimacy. The end result will be more quality time spent with the partner, as well as a more satisfying orgasm.

Herbs can also be used externally to help delay ejaculation. One good example is the use of peppermint oil. When applied directly to the penis, the oil has a slightly numbing effect. Without interfering with the mechanics of the erection process, peppermint oil helps to slightly numb the nerves along the head and shaft. This will mean a longer period of sexual activity is required before ejaculation takes place.

White willow bark can also help when it comes to premature ejaculation. Along with having a healthy dose of magnesium, this herb also provides potassium, selenium, and zinc, all important minerals for the maintenance of the male reproductive system. In addition, the bark offers trace amounts of the B vitamins, which are important to proper nerve function and the maintenance of an even mood. The bark can be brewed into a simple tea, or taken as a powder.

If you are not sure how to mix herbs for the best effect, the best option is to speak with an expert. A competent herbalist can help you determine which herbs are likely to do the most good for your situation. For example, the herbalist may assess your general lifestyle and diet, and find you need more 5-HTP, an important amino acid. If that is the case, the herbalist will prepare a special blend of herbs that will supply you with this amino acid along with other vitamins and minerals that help promote proper nerve function while also allowing you to slow down and enjoy romantic time with your partner. Keep in mind that just as with western medicine, some herbs will work better for you than others. Be prepared to try different combinations until you find the right mix that produces the desired result.


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