Herbal Treatments for Healthy Hair


Authored by Sylvia Cochran in Hair Care
Published on 01-13-2010

Hair care is an expensive task. Between the cost of shampoos, conditioners, styling products and also health restorers, it makes sense that more consumers are looking to homemade herbal treatments for healthy hair maintenance. While the Internet is filled with interesting and sometimes odd concoctions, there are a couple of herbal treatments that are time-tested and more likely to yield good results.

Prior to starting any herbal treatments for healthy hair, determine exactly what the hair’s – and also the scalp’s – actual needs are. Perhaps the skin on the head is dry and itchy or the hair appears dull and lifeless. There is a good chance that the daily use of styling aids weighs down the tresses even as it attempts to keep a hairdo in place. Herbal treatments, when done consistently, can prevent the ill effects of everyday styling on the scalp and hair.

Nettle Rinse

Perhaps the most famous among the herbal treatments for healthy hair is the use of a nettle hair rinse. This rinse is available for sale at natural beauty supply stores, health food outlets with an extensive personal grooming products section and of course the Internet. Another great way of obtaining a nettle hair rinse is to make it at home. Pick – or buy – nettle tops and boil them in two cups of water.

Turn the heat down to simmer and add a third cup of lukewarm water. Let the mix stand until it reaches room temperature and then gently massage it into the scalp and hair. The result is an invigorated head of hair. The tresses are shiny and soft. This nettle rinse is actually a lot easier on the head and pocket book than a number of available products, which promise to infuse the hair with shine.

Herbal Hot Oil Treatment

Herbal treatments for healthy hair also involve the use of hot oil. The base for this treatment is actually lukewarm olive oil that is spiked with lavender and perhaps also sandalwood oil. The goal is an overall relaxation of the scalp as well as damage repair for the hair, especially if there are split ends that were only recently cut out. Wet down the hair and towel-dry it. The hair should not be wet but only damp. Massage in the lukewarm oil mix.

This herbal treatment for healthy hair in the form of a hot oil application should stay on the locks for about 15 to 30 minutes. Amplify the soothing nature of the treatment by putting on a disposable plastic shower cap and placing a warmed towel over the head. Keep the head and hair warm! When the time is up, rinse out the oil and shampoo with a gentle baby wash.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using Herbal Treatments for Healthy Hair

Overheating the concoctions is a common error that might not only damage fragile herbal essences but also the very scalp and hair these treatments are meant to benefit. For example, a hot oil treatment that is too warm does not actually soothe but irritates the scalp; this in turn leads to an increase in the natural shedding of dead skin flakes.

Appearing as dandruff, additional treatments may then also be administered – once again too hot. The cycle continues on until the consumer stops herbal use completely. Avoid falling into this trap by using common sense approaches whenever dealing with herbal essences and oils.


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