Herbs for Hair Growth

Many people find that the use of herbs and blends of herbs can help with just about any type of health issue. What may surprise some people is the fact that there are several herbs with essential nutrients that help to nourish hair follicles, thus ensuring the hair remains, thick, shiny, and healthy. If your hair is looking a little dull and dry these days, try some of these herbal strategies.

One approach is to make use of the essential oils that can be extracted from different herbs. Not only will the oils provide nutrients that restore the shine of the hair and prevent the follicles from becoming brittle, they also help to coat the damaged follicles and begin to effect repairs from the outside. Try creating an oil treatment that includes the ample amounts of lavender and aloe vera. When combined with the oil extracted from orange and lemon rinds, you not only feed your hair, but also provide a fresh and pleasant scent that will linger for several hours.

Aloe vera can also form the basis for another helpful hair growth recipe. By combining the aloe vera with mulberry and a little fresh honey, you create a hair lotion that can be rubbed into the scalp as well as coating each hair in the process. Allow the product to set for a couple of minutes, then wash out with warm water. The results will include shiny hair that is relatively manageable, and looks very healthy.

Many of the herbs that are used for teas and different types of fusions can also be used to nourish your hair. While many people think of chamomile as being only for relieving anxiety and promoting restful sleep, the mixture of vitamins in the brewed tea is also ideal for a helpful hair wash. Apply the wash after shampooing the hair, allow it to set for a short time, then rinse with warm water for best results.

Often, treating the scalp with herbs can help produce healthy hair. While the herbs can include a number of exotic options, you really do not have to look further than your spice rack to create a workable scalp treatment. Combine ground rosemary, sage, parsley, and even a little cinnamon with a little water to make a paste. Work the paste into the scalp. As you gently massage the herbs into the scalp, you will notice a slight tingling that is usually quite pleasant. Allow the herbs to remain in place for several minutes, then rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly.

Each herb in this recipe provides some type of benefit. Rosemary can help minimize the incidence of scalp flaking, while parsley and sage help to remove anything that is blocking the pores surrounding the hair follicles, making it easier for your scalp to breathe. The scent of the cinnamon mingles with the aromas of the other herbs, while also delivering nutrients to the scalp that promote the development of strong healthy hair.

Keep in mind that herbs do not always have to be applied directly to the scalp in order to promote healthy hair. Many of these same herbs can be brewed into a healthy fusion that is pleasant to drink, and promotes proper hydration of the skin as well as healthy function of various bodily organs. As with any type of strategies for good health, always make sure the herbs you use will not have a negative interaction with any prescription medication you take, or trigger any allergies you may have.


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