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Hermes steve messenger bag for men

  • By JoseA Perea
  • Published 01/21/2011
  • Fiction

Women  need handbags. Men also need them. Even though most of the bags in the  market are for women to carry, men’s handbags are also available. As a  matter of fact, more and more men realize how important it is for them  to carry a bag when they are going outside. And there are more and more  men’s handbags in the market. Most of them are functional handbags as  men pay more attention to functions than designs. They need a bag which  is a good accessory as well as an item for them to put all their  necessities in, including a laptop. The Hermes Steve Messenger Bag is  such a functional bag for men to carry.    

This  bag is one of the hot sales of Hermes. It is classy. And it can be used  as a computer bag. This is a meaningful bag. It is named after  the iconic actor, Steve McQueen. There are two versions for people to  choose, black le

ather and brown leather. The shoulder strap is  adjustable with buckle. And there are padded front pocket, front zip  pocket and internal padded pocket. This bag can be used as a perfect  briefcase and a perfect computer bag.     The silver hardware is very stylish. And the flap  closure style is typical as one of the hot sales of Hermes. It measures  35*28*11(cm). As a perfect bag of Hermes, it is not strange to see it  sold at $6,750.  Such a price tag is common for a Hermes bag. Not to say such a  functional handbag which is made of fine leather. The replica one is  quite cheap. With spending about $200 to $300 people can own a replica  one with the same design.    

Men’s  handbags will be more stylish as most men want fashionable accessories  today. And a man who carries a bag for work is more impressive,  especially when he is carrying this Hermes Steve Messenger Bag.



by JoseA Perea



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