Herpes Symptoms in Men

Herpes is incurable and extremely contagious. This is why you should consult with your physician if you are displaying any of the symptoms of herpes. It is essential that you not simply try to ignore the symptoms, nor to try some over-the-counter product which might relieve the annoyance but will do nothing to address the problem. Only a doctor can recommend appropriate treatment, as well as advise you as to how to deal with it.

While herpes can exist in the body without any noticeable symptoms, there are some symptoms which are common. You may notice an unusual, new rash on or around the genitals. You may notice swelling or itching which was not present before. As these are common first signs of herpes, it is essential to take them seriously. Experiencing difficulty in urinating is another common early symptom of herpes.

The symptom of red bumps is usually quite noticeable. These bumps cause discomfort and pain. They will either leak fluid or burst entirely, and then begin to produce scabs. While a topical ointment such as an antibiotic cream can afford some degree of relief from the pain, it is not a substitute for treatment by a doctor.

Many men who have herpes also experience flu-like symptoms during or prior to herpes outbreaks. These include fatigue, headaches, and fever. Although these symptoms do not occur in everyone, you should be alert to them if they do appear, especially if you have already been diagnosed with herpes.

When the herpes virus is present in the body, there are a number of factors which can lead to an outbreak. These include various elements or allergens in the diet and radical temperature changes, amongst others. Stress can also result in outbreaks.

However, if the herpes virus is present in a person’s system, it is there for life. While the period of being contagious occurs during outbreaks, herpes is something to take seriously even if you experience very few outbreaks. Your doctor can advise you about steps you can take to minimize the frequency of outbreaks, how to best deal with them when they do occur, and how to reduce the risk of infecting someone else. The most sensible course of action is to refrain from sexual activity when you are experiencing an outbreak of herpes.

There is a reason why these symptoms are so similar to cold sores. Cold sores are a form of herpes which occur in or around the mouth, while genital herpes occurs on or around the genitals. They both come from the same kind of virus, and are both very easily transmitted to others. The difference is that while cold sores are quite obvious, genital herpes often is not. A man can have the herpes virus in his body without realizing it, as it can occur without symptoms. In many cases, genital herpes symptoms are ignored, or mistakenly attributed to something else. If you are exhibiting any of these symptoms, or if you have had unprotected sexual activity, it would be wise to request an evaluation from your physician as soon as possible.


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