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High for the lemon yellow color of this saturation

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/16/2011
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Summer in the vibrant, bright colors are often brilliant dressing up essential. Rainbow has a high saturation of color is their favorite beauty, youth purple, primrose yellow, sapphire blue, and so rich in color change is not very fascinated by you. We all want to look like stars do not wear the same Evening Dresses every day, fashion is the essence of toss!As long as the way to break the habit of re-integration with the same piece of clothing will become the shape of several fresh! More than one outfit worn by a very important principle: that is to improve the utilization of clothes. Therefore, we should buy clothes in simple colors, simple style based, single items above, try not to have too obvious, too messy and decorative patterns, decorations and patterns as the more casual outfits, the smaller . The same piece of clothing, through a combination of different materials, used clothing length of elastic, the ratio can effect with different clothes, oh.

Spring and summer 2011 clothing line hit the green color purple is not considered a frequent visitor to the red carpet, this color is easy to look with poor control frivolous, but it was very well control superm

odel Anja Rubik. Gucci brand cut dress with a tight fit perfectly smooth silk fabric just right, cool colors instead of vulgar luxury, gold belt in the customs area to deduce absolute beauty icing on the cake. What is the most popular? Course suits high-purity color!Pretty certainly a type of crop cultivation has become a popular commodity this season! Simple and elegant style, stretch elastic waist Slim handle a certain effect, with filling thread princess Vintage Wedding Dresses supermodel Natalia Vodianova’s fashion sense, hand collapse of the Mini red Chanel evening bag is extravagance pressing.Powerful impact geometry, pure geometric blocks of color and contrasting colors are exaggerated interpretation of the aristocratic atmosphere Whitney Port full! Bright orange and yellow and blue with green and blue, the full impact. Slim skirt and simple design, will not make the overall feel cumbersome, so the street will become a highlight of the street!High for the lemon yellow color of this saturation, the more simple style of bright lemon yellow to highlight the more sense. Blake Lively minimalist stunning lemon yellow sleeveless vest, black shorts with because not only did not frivolous, but rather the vitality of a sense of movement.



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