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Highheeled boots add cool and fashion style for girls

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 12/24/2012

Autumn and winter, boots is the interpretation of the protagonist of this season. Both European and American style, Japan and Korean style, the handsome boots can easily help you to increase the gas field and the cool feeling. When you wear the high boots, you can instantly improve the charm, either skirts or shorts, so you can easily become the focus of the street. Today our women cheap clothing online shop brought same fashion and popular boots for girls in koreanjapanclothing.com.

Europe and the United States Merry Su suede high with wedge heel boots, super love a boots, thick waterproof Taiwan high slope, at every step, creating a strong street style, double fringed boots at modified, tassels with wind swings shaping effect issued keep returning. Match with shorts, which is sure to show off this beautiful boots.

The ultra-high wedge heel women’s boots, thick waterproof Taiwan high slope, significantly higher without tired feet, big love boots fringed beaded decoration, full of clever and delicate, very lively.

Lace boots, able boots, classic retro style, lace-up plus the combination of dual belt buckle, full of European and American style horse, which is a on foot was thin and wild boots.

Waterproof Taiwan thick with high with Martin boots, this shoe is common in Europe and America influx of people street shoot, classic retro boots into the hot splicing collision color, which bright and full of color impact on visual.

Wedge heel muffin with boots, want tide want to significantly high, want to steal the spotlight for petite MM, this tide ride is definitely preferred, ultra-high thick waterproof Taiwan ultra-high wedge heel, flew to meet significantly high aspirations, and The whole shoe surface creative straps cross effect of help it flows very cool.

Ultra-high with boots, blazing a boots, thick waterproof Taiwan high slope built-in with the to make boots face with the sole of the same color, personalized boots head and heel boots hit color stitching, greatly enhance the sense of the trend of the boots, is very street shooting Daren.

Waterproof short boots, on foot significant legislation high boots, the rose red boots surface is very loving, concise boots because of the golden elements into the design of very significant big, super-thick waterproof Taiwan ultra-high slope.

Retro Fashion Elegant Side Zipper Wedge Boots, which is flew significantly higher. A simple atmospheric boots surface because tassels added even more stylish. Now you should come our wholesale china fashion clothing shop to choose your favorite boots in winter.


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