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High heels, an angel or a devil

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/17/2010
  • Poetry

High heels can be found everywhere nowadays. It has earned an unprecedented popularity among women. As an increasing number of women are wearing it every single day, it is time for us to pay attention to what troubles and benefits it can bring to us. To find out the answers, we should look at it from a scientific prospective at first. Actually, wearing high heels can be closely associated with lumbago. The weight of a body is transferred in a different way after wearing a pair of high heels. The pelvis leans forward with the waist looking up backward. The waist is stretched backward so excessively that the muscles on the back begin to be tight, with the lumbar joints and joint capsule kept in tension. With passing of time, the joint capsule and muscles on the waist will suffer fatigue, which later on leads to lumbago. Lumbago tends to be light in the morning and serious at evening. It will even get worse after a day of working. When it is a rainy or cloudy day, it will also get worse. 

A woman can not stand and walk as she wants when she wears a pair of high heels. Moreover, there will be decreased physical movement and coordination, with a bigger chance of straining the waist. Additionally, the body tends to l

ean forward, with much more force pressed on the toes. The force will compulsively push the toes into a narrow and cone-shaped tip of the high heels. Then, both feet will be subject to intolerant torture which will result in some inflammations later on. In the end, you will feel aches and even numbness in your feet. Wearing high heels also harms the development of girls in adolescence. As they are growing up physically, there is much gristle in the bones which are soft and flexible. In another word, it means their bones can be shaped in a specific way. As their bones are easily changed, wearing high heels at an early age will lead to the change of their body curve. As the weight of the body is unbalanced, the body tends to lean forward with the waist distorted a little bit. With passing of time, the waist, feet and pelvis all will be changed eternally. 

Of course, high heels are still in the hot pursuit of most women. It is because they bring them a slimming and tender body. The charm of high heels is invincible. In history, wearing high heels represents the nobility of aristocrat. Long time ago, not every one could afford buying a pair of high heels. Only those who possess a substantial property could do such thing. However, such traditional concept has been carried on even though a lot of women can buy it today.


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