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High heels and flats both of them are musthave in your wardrobe

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 12/24/2010
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It seems that high heels have become the signature of women. No matter if it is formal or casual, women love to wear high heels to exhibit their feminine charms. The magic of this kind of footwear is that once women wear them, they can feel confident immediately. However, beauty is gained at the cost of comfort. So many pragmatists turn to flats instead of high heels. The popularity of flats is understandable because of their comfort and versatility. You can find many gorgeous flats that are suitable to match different garments for different styles. Though flats can take the place of high heels, women still need both to create various styles for different occasions. For women who have petite figure, they have to wear high-heeled shoes to complement their body. These women would never want to touch flats because they will lose confidence and sense of equality when they are overwhelmed in the crowd. On the other hand, tall women seem to have special preference to flats. They feel comfortable in the crowd and less noticeable. Height is a key factor when it comes to the choice of appropriate footwear. Of course, it is not absolute that only tall women can wear flats while petite women can never wear them. For some occasions, stepping out of one’s comfort zone is necessary and important. For an evening party or some other big evening events, no matter what kind of figure you have, high-heeled shoes are definitely the most appropriate footwear to choose. On these occasions, you have to wear stunning evening gown. No other footwear is more suitable than this kind of shoes that can go well with your amazingly gorgeous gown. While, for some casual occasions when you need to walk a lot, such as go shopping, then you’d better go for a pair of flats. If you wrongly choose a pair of high-heeled shoes, your feet will be killed at the end of day. There is another occasion when you can choose both to wear. That is for work. It is apparent that high heels are qualified for workplace, while plats with formal design can also be worn to work and they can make your feet relaxed after wearing high heels for several days. Now check your wardrobe to see whether you have both kinds of footwear. If not, it is not late to buy either of them right now. Wearing them in turn can let you try different styles and get rid of pain in your feet.  The author of this article would want to invite you to follow her social profile exacthandbagbiz to get the most updated information.



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