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High heelsyou want to walk in them all the time

  • By Kimberly Jenkins
  • Published 11/29/2010
  • Writing

High heels have long ago become a symbol of nobility and elegance. They are a necessary companion for women for their both aesthetic and practical value. And with the development of modern footwear technology, there emerged more and more designs and styles. But we¡¯ve got to admit, however graceful high heels can make us look, they are not as comfortable as flat-heeled shoes and can sometimes cause sprains and fractures. Then knowing how to choose a good pair of high heels is ever more important.

Stiletto shoes have never been out of favor on the catwalks and red carpets with their heels becoming taller and slimmer. While selecting them, remember to pay special attention to the materials of the heels and see if they are steady. Stilettos¡¯ heels can easily fret and thus cause unsteadiness of walking. Also remember to see whether two shoes are of the same height. Even a slight difference in height could lead to discomfort in w

alking.If you are fond of pointed-toe high heels, bother to try them one for as long as you think necessary. The extremely narrow toe part, if not right can pinch toes and cause pain. So make sure they are of the right size and not pinch toes. When the heels are too high, the whole foot will slip towards to the toe part and pinch toes even more. Avoid too high heels.Wedge high heels are comparatively more comfortable than other types. But their thick soles can make the shoes too heavy to walk in. Remember to check the materials of the soles and see if they are too heavy. Avoid wedge shoes with thick wedges for they can cause unsteady walking.A good pair of high heels can not only make you look slender and taller, it¡¯s the shoes you feel like step into every time you want to go outside. So picking a right pair of high heels is what would make that happen.The author of this article wish to invite you to follow her social profile Idolreplicas to obtain the latest information.



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