High Paying Jobs for Women

There are several high paying jobs for women. Women often earn a salary of 25% or more less than a man in the same position, but this is not always the case. In fact, there are a few careers that often pay higher wages to woman than to men.

A woman working as a financial analyst can earn $69,000 or more each year. Women are typically paid higher salaries than their male counterparts in this job position. Females who work as automotive mechanics are, on average, paid more than men working as mechanics. This might be due to the fact that there are more men working in that field than women, and so women are more of novelty in this field. When a woman works as an aerospace engineer, she will probably earn a higher paycheck than a male coworker. She can earn up to $78,000 per year, often more.

Many of the top paying jobs for women are in the healthcare field. Women who work as nurse practitioners typically earn at least $60,000 annually. Ladies working as nurse midwives can earn even more than $60,000 every year. Women who work as pharmacists can earn an average of $75,000 each year. Psychiatrists and many other mental health professionals earn $60,000 or more each year.

Women can earn an excellent income as a business owner. There is not any real limit to the amount of money a lady can make when operating her own business. Women are just as successful as men in launching and running profitable businesses. Businesses started by women account for a large portion of all small businesses that are established each year. Women did not always enter into the business sector so frequently, but this vector has quickly become an area for success among women.

Some of the best paying jobs for women are those in managerial fields. Retail managers, office managers and sales managers offer women with the potential to earn an excellent income. The same is true for women who work as human resource managers. In fact, human resource managers can earn $75,000 or more each year. Women who work as managers for hospital and other healthcare services have the potential to earn a high income.

Women can earn an excellent income working as a consultant in her area of specialty. She can work as a management consultant. A woman who is experienced in marketing can work as a marketing consultant. There are any number of areas in which a woman can work as a consultant. There is really no cap to the amount of money a person can make working as a consultant.

Of course, as with men, there are several top paying careers in which a woman can be employed. There were not always a large number of women working in these areas but that has changed over the past couple decades. There are many women working as physicians. Female dentists are more common than ever before. Women can earn a high rate of pay by working as an attorney.

Women have the potential to earn a great income. Many careers that pay women high wages were once filled with men and few woman. Times are changing and are providing women with more opportunities than ever.


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