High Paying Part Time Jobs

In a bad economy, it can pay to look for a high paying part time job to aid your normal income. Some people may train for a high paying part time job to replace their low paying part time job, and if you’re skilled, it can be easy to find a great position.

Here’s a look at a few of the highest paying part time jobs available, and what you’ll need to snag the work.

Library Assistant – Life isn’t completely quiet for a library assistant, but work is certainly well paid. Library assistants generally don’t need a whole lot of education (though a librarian degree or specialization helps). Their duties include contacting library customers about ordered books, movies, and music, answering phones, participating in library events, and, of course, reshelving books. It sounds simple, but requires a good organizational mind. The part time job is fairly high paying at about $11 an hour. It can become a higher-paying part time job with more experience, especially in larger cities where demand for a library assistant may be high.

Pharmacy Technician – For a high paying part time job, you can’t do a whole lot better than becoming a pharmacy tech, a position which pays anywhere up to $18 an hour. Pharmacy techs help pharmacists by preparing and labeling prescriptions, so this is a good part time job for anyone interested in health care or chemistry. Some pharmacy techs may have other duties, too, depending on where they’re working. At hospitals, a pharmacy technician may read charts, administer medication, and have other highly important health care tasks. Exact pay depends mainly on the amount of experience that the pharmacy tech has and the state (and company) the tech works for. Pharmacy techs are required to undergo certification for the state they wish to work in, and usually work a lot of nights, weekends and holidays. Nevertheless, the demand for the job is very high, and an experienced pharmacy tech will have a fairly recession-proof, high paying part time job.

Computer Support – If you’re knowledgeable about computers, and you have incredible patience, consider a job in the computer support field. Highly skilled workers can make $22 an hour, although for that money, you’ll be providing phone support to hapless consumers. This is only a position for patient people that are good at giving practical instructions via phone, and who have a lot of knowledge of computer issues. If you fall into that category, you’ll have one of the highest paying part time jobs in the country–look for positions at computer companies, software companies, and other tech businesses.

As with all types of careers, the highest paying part time jobs tend to go to those with experience or a good educational background. If you’re interested in any of the part time jobs in this article, you should find out more about the qualifications of each and maybe even consider taking a class or going to school to have the best possible shot.

If you know of any other great high paying part time jobs, please post suggestions in the comments section below this article.


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