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High Visibility Vests: An Overview

High visibility vests are not fashion accessories. You may not like them but they are a necessity in some fields. Though they are not a popular choice for fashion freaks, they are one of the most important accessories for those who work in hazardous area. Those who enjoy adventure sports also find such vests useful. People wear these vests primarily for safety reasons.

Since the main purpose of wearing these vests is safety, the vests need to meet certain standards. The standard for high visibility apparels are set by the American Traffic Safety Services Association. Other than setting the standard, it also offers useful information on high visibility accessories and apparels.


It is crucial for a high-visibility vest to meet the industry standards as people wear them for safety. The criteria are set by two entities: the International Safety Equipment Association and the American National Standard Institute. The standard set by these entities define the materials and the amount of materials to be used for making such a vest. They also define where the given materials should be placed.


Three types of materials can be used for making safety vests. The background material is the most important of all. It is usually neon orange in color. Other fluorescent colors like yellow or green can be used as well. The retroflective material comes second in the list. The bands or white pieces that reflect light fall under this category. The combined performance material is the third most important thing.


There are two types of high visibility vests: Performance Class 1 vests and Performance Class 2 vests. The second type of vest is more visible than the former type. 155 inches of combined performance material or retroflective material and 217 inches of background material are required for class 1 vests. On the other hand class 2 high visibility vests require at least 201 inches of combined performance material or retroflective material and 755 inches of background material.


High visibility bests are mainly worn for safety purpose. They can be worn in different situations. Wearing the vest increases visibility of a person working along the roadway. These vests are usually worn by construction workers, surveyors, inspection crews and sign installers. Those who work in mowing and landscaping also wear high visibility shirts or vests. Anyone working in emergency situations can also wear these apparels. At times news reporters also wear these vests when they cover an emergency or road incident.


If you are going to work at night, wearing high visibility vests is a must for you. However, wearing just the vests may not be enough. You should take some added protection by wearing other high visibility accessories like bands, helmets, shoes and so on.

When you buy high visibility accessories it is better to buy branded ones. These accessories are quite expensive and buying branded ones will ensure that you get value for money. Popular brands offer quality products. Therefore, buying from well known brand will be a wise decision.

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