Hillary Rodham Clinton Biography

Although Hillary Rodham Clinton did not become the first woman to be the president of the United States, she does have a long list of accomplishments since her birth on October 26, 1947. Hillary was the oldest child that her parent had having had two younger brothers as well. She was raised with her two younger brothers in her home state of Illinois. Her mother was a stay at home mom and her father operated a textile wholesale business.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has always been a high achiever. She was active in sports in her youth. As a high school student, she was a member of the National Honor Society and a student council member. She had an interest in politics from a young age closely following the elections and even volunteering to campaign during presidential elections in her teenage years.

Hillary’s interest in politics grew during college. In fact, she majored in Political Science for her undergraduate degree at Wellesley College. She was a member of the young Republicans group and was even the president of the group for one year. As a college senior, she was elected class president. Hillary achieved excellent grades during college and was an honors student.

After graduating college, Hillary went on to earn her law degree from Yale in 1973. Hillary worked for the Rose Law Firm and became the first woman in the law firm to become a partner. As with anything else in life, Hillary excelled as a lawyer and was at one point listed among the 100 most influential lawyers from the United States.

It was in 1975 that Hillary Clinton married the future president of the United States, Bill Clinton. Before her role as first lady of the United States, she was the first lady of Arkansas. Her husband served 12 years in his role as Arkansas governor. Hillary then became an active and ambitious first lady under Bill Clinton’s presidency from 1993-2001.

Hillary Clinton tried hard to aid her husband’s administration in health care reform to ensure all Americans had access to quality healthcare services. Although her health care reform ultimately failed, she was implemental in the introduction of the Children’s Healthcare Insurance Plan to ensure that children from low income families have access to reliable healthcare.

Mrs. Clinton has always been a woman with a cause, multiple causes throughout her lifetime in fact. While her husband served as governor of Arkansas, she was the driving force behind the overhaul of the education system in the state. Over the years Hillary was also involved with the Foster Care Independence Act and the Child Welfare Act. She has always been active in programs and organizations that work to protect children. Hillary Clinton traveled abroad throughout her years as first lady of the United States of American. She has worked hard to use her intelligence and influence to help her fellow Americans.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has never let the fact that she is a woman keep her from success. Under president Jimmy Carter’s administration she served as a chair for the Legal Services Corporation. She was the first female that was named in this chair position. In 2001, when she started her new role as a United States Senator for New York, she became the first woman to serve as one of New York’s United States senate members. Hillary had a successful career as New York Senator from 2001-2009. She was popular among both Democrats and Republicans.

Hillary Clinton gave up her role as a Junior Senator in January 2009 to serve as the Secretary of State under President Obama’s administration. Thus, Hillary has marked another first in American history by becoming the only former first lady to be a cabinet member. Hillary is sure to be in the public eyes for many years to come.


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