Hip Exercises for Women


Authored by Veronica Bergschneider in Women’s Health
Published on 11-22-2009

Hip exercises for women do not need to be overly elaborate or complex to perform, as either of these categories will eventually cause a lady to quit exercising. Instead, aim for simple, every day ways of keeping the hip joint and its surrounding muscle in motion. Simple, low-impact methods of exercising the hip and keeping it strong include walking, swimming, and riding a bicycle.

Physicians and trainers often recommend low-impact exercise for anyone who has sustained an injury to a specific joint. Walking, even in short bursts, is one of the best ways of getting this motion in each day. Whether done going uphill, up the stairs, or on level surfaces, walking moves the hip joint back and forth, allowing the bursae inside the ball and socket joint to lubricate it and keep it moving. Some women choose to walk with ankle weights on to increase the resistance, but this must be done only after asking a health care practitioner to avoid causing injury by using too heavy of weights. Going up or down the stairs carrying groceries or other objects will achieve the same goal.

Riding a bicycle, whether stationary or in motion, exercises a woman’s hip joint by using the leg muscles to create circular motion. Since the hip is a ball and socket type joint, circular motion is recommended to keep it moving freely without dislocating it. Beginners need to ride moving bicycles on level ground at first to avoid injury as much as possible. As the lady learns to ride correctly, hills can be added to the route, much as walking routes get adjusted for level of difficulty. Some women opt for stationary bikes on which to get their exercise in the comfort of home, much as some walkers prefer to do their exercise on treadmills. These machines allow the owners to multitask and accomplish other activities such as reading a favorite novel. This can help keep them motivated, a key in continuing to exercise and building hip strength.

A third low-impact option in the world of women’s hip exercises is swimming, perhaps combined with water aerobics. For those who enjoy the water, classes and free swim times can be found at many pools and recreation centers. The kicks involved in swimming freestyle, backstroke, and butterfly all aid in exercising the hips in much the same way as walking on land would. These involve a simple up and down motion that promotes the lubrication of the joint, and therefore, its health. The breaststroke uses an in and out style of kicking that will help the swimmer over the long run gain a wider range of motion to the hip. This type of swimming kick stretches the ligaments and tendons inside the joint in a way the other styles of swimming do not. A good aim in the pool would be to mix different styles, much as Olympic swimmers do in medley races.

Choosing any or all of these forms of exercise can help a woman greatly enhance the function of her hips. This will help her lead a longer, more satisfying life by reducing her chances of injury. These low-impact methods of exercise are often recommended by doctors and physical trainers for those who need to begin an exercise regimen.


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