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History and new development of prada

  • By Richard M. Duncan jimlady
  • Published 03/16/2011
  • Poetry

Among trendy people and many  celebrities, Prada is a big brand in handbags, and today we are going to  show you  the glorious history and new developing trends of Prada as  follows.   In  the year of 1913, Prada founded the first boutique shop in the centre  of Milan, whose founder was Mario Prada. And Prada fashionable handbags,  suitcases, and cosmetic cases with superb quality have gained favorite  and pursuit among top-class society. Now value showed by Prada products  has been sought as outstanding enjoyment in our daily life.   In  the year of 1978, this famous brand with long history has been endowed  with new development element and vitality. Prada established commercial  cooperation with Patrizio Bertelli with rich and luxury experience in  products. And Miuccia Prada was the top designer of Prada products, by  whose in-built talents in fashion, Prada has been playing out challenge  and creativeness. And by the help of Patrizio Bertelli, Prada has  established products distribution channels and mass production in the  worldwide. Thus traditional brand ideas of Prada and modernized  techniques have been blended perfectly.   After  fighting and endeavor of 20 years, this brand with long history has  been developed continuously. And by the cooperation of Miuccia Pradaand  Patrizio Bertelli, Prada has been developing from a small family  workshop to be a top-class luxury brand in the worldwide.   At  present, Prada has 166 shops and Miu Miu boutiques in the whole world,  which have been distributed in major cities and traveling scenic spots,  such as Hong Kong. And these boutiques perfectly can profile against  excellent products of Prada with their unique design and graceful  temperament and functionality. Recently PRADA Epicenters flagship stores  have been set up one by one, whose unique style can The author is veteran on cartier sunglass and composes reviews on the theme for a few years.



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