Holiday Movie Season Offers Two MustSee Films

This holiday season there are more movies out than any one fan could possibly see. But, there are at least two holiday blockbusters you should absolutely not miss. First is Will Smith’s new dramatic thriller “Seven Pounds.” In what is becoming the status-quo for Smith, the film offers a serious role in a serious film; one that challenges audiences to see Smith in a different light.

Secondly, there is the wildly funny “Yes Man.” Jim Carrey is at his very best in a role that brings out his various comedic styles. Yes Man is being hailed as a return to form for Carey, and an all-around funny flick.

By contrast, Will Smith’s “Seven Pounds” is a real life adult drama about an emotionally challenged man on the brink of making a profound personal sacrifice to atone himself of past wrongs; while Jim Carrey’s “Yes Man” is a light-hearted romp about a middle-aged man who has no future and suddenly finds himself unable to say no to anything.

Both movies are expected to gross over $20 million this weekend. As they battle for the top spot among the early release holiday films, each movie will test the star power of its leading man. Smith, who is by far the biggest audience draw of late, has proven his ability to sell tickets no matter what kind of role he takes on. Meanwhile Carrey has had lackluster sales for some of his more recent ventures.

Smith’s last two films were both global blockbusters. Last summers “Hancock” grossed more than $623 million worldwide. “I Am Legend”, Smith’s last film, grossed more than $585 million worldwide. His two previous films, “The Pursuit of Happiness”, and “Hitch” grossed a combined $670 million in worldwide ticket sales.

In “Seven Pounds”, Smith plays Ben Thomas, an engineer who is haunted by an accident that changed his life instantly. Smith’s character feels compelled to make amends for the damage he has done, and the movie is about managing one’s life after a traumatic loss.

“Yes Man”, Carrey’s new vehicle, is similar to the premise of 1997’s “Liar, Liar.” The Warner Brothers release stars Carry as Carl Allen, a lonely bank officer who is challenged by a friend and a self-help guru to stop saying “no” to life and instead say “yes.” The dramatic personality change gives Carrey the opportunity to explore the rubber-faced physical comedy he has become famous for.

Audience tracking surveys have indicated that “Yes Man” should open to more than $27 million, and “Seven Pounds” should open to around $22 million.


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