Holistic Treatment For Arthritis

Millions of people around the world have to live with one or other form of arthritis – myself included. The pain they experience can go from light to heavy, and in the worst cases you need treatment.

Arthritis literally means inflammation of the joints, and the causes of it can be found in genetics, sustained injuries (even from long ago), infection or just the normal result of getting older. Working together with arthritis come pain, swellings, a limited form of motion and damage to the joints.
The most occurring forms of arthritis are:

  • osteoarthritis (mostly occurring in women during or after the menopause)
  • rheumatoid arthritis (often plagues women over forty and with the potential to cause a fiery sensation in the joints as well as other organs like eyes, lungs, heart and skin.
  • gout arthritis (mostly in men over forty, caused by elevated blood levels of uric acid that form crystals in the joints).

From experience I know that lots of people will avoid taking meds to treat their arthritis. It is a fact that some forms of medication can potentially interact and cause a lot of side effects. That is the reason why some consider holistic treatment.

The word ‘holistic’ actually means ‘whole’. It is a form of treatment that allows patients to avoid medications but ensures them to be free from pain and enables to stay mobile.

When you are not sure where you can find a holistic treatment, best consult your doctor. He will know where you can find alternative options to traditional prescription medication.

What are the possible holistic treatments?

For starters, you can consider the ancient Eastern exercise forms, like Tai Chi. This is a slow moving and stretching of your limbs, and it is popular in all age groups. At the same time, it is an excellent way of achieving an introspective look.

Also from China comes acupuncture. Each pain inflicted area in the body has a connected acupuncture pressure point. A daily treatment with this can help to relieve acute pain. Chronic sufferers may need a few treatments a month.

Another alternative method for treating the pain of arthritis is the use of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals. For instance, in aromatherapy. The therapeutic oils (derived from herbs) can be used in various ways: inhaling their vapor, mixing with the bathwater, …

Popular is also the use of massage. A rigorous course of body massage tries to recapture some of the physical limitations brought on by arthritis. It also helps greatly to relieve the pain in the joints.

And what do you think of juice therapy? It is a fact that lots of fruit juices that are rich in beta-carotene have shown positive results in pain relief with arthritis. It is advisable to drink for instance black berry juice, lemon juice, carrot juice, potato juice, radish juice and beet juice.

To conclude: a holistic treatment for arthritis is an excellent way to ensure you will be at risk for drug interactions.


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