Home Remedies for Bladder Infections

Bladder infections are certainly no picnic for anybody. Symptoms of a bladder infection often include having a desire to empty the bladder, experiencing pain and burning during urination, and having the feeling to go, even when hardly anything is released. Bladder infections are often the result of bacteria, like E. coli. passing through the urethra.

The most common type of bladder infection is known as cystitis. It is always a good idea to contact your family doctor if you feel that you are experiencing a bladder infection, but in the mean time, there is also some home remedies that can help ease symptoms or perhaps even cure it as well. Be sure to seek treatment so that you do not damage your kidneys.

One home remedy is to drink plenty of fluids. Doctors and nurse practitioners may suggest that you try drinking cranberry juice. This often can lead to very positive results during a bladder infection. Be sure that the juice is one hundred percent juice, though. If your store does not offer a pure one hundred percent juice, try looking for cranberry capsules or vitamin C tablets. Be sure to drink both with a large glass of water.

Another way to ease the symptoms of a painful bladder infection is to take a warm bath. Be sure not to use any highly scented soaps. This could irritate the infection even more. While there has been no scientific proof that this can actually cure a bladder infection, it can help some of the inflammation.

When a bladder infection causes pain, try an over the counter anti-inflammatory. Aspirin or Ibuprofen are often good examples of these. They can reduce inflammation of the bladder, which results in less burning when you urinate.

Using Lactobacillus Acidophulus is also another form of treating a bladder infection. Purchase the liquid kind that you have to keep refrigerated. This can often be found at your local health food store. Suggestions include taking two tablespoons three times a day. Continue to take until your symptoms have disappeared.

Other over the counter medicines that can help treat a bladder infection is known as Uristat. Be aware that these can turn your urine red, so do not be alarmed! Directions for taking uristat pills suggest that you take two in the morning, and then two again before dinner with a glass of water. Continue to drink a lot of water, and cranberry juice throughout the day to flush the system. The pills have been known to ease the pain that comes along with a bladder infection, but it will not cure it.

If you are unsure about taking a pill that can turn your urine red, then try another over the counter drug called Cystex. It is another medicine for urinary pain relief. While it may not be great for pain, it does contain a powerful ingredient called methamphetamine that is good for killing bacteria. While taking Cystex, try taking an over the counter pain reliever to ease your discomfort.

While all of these can help ease discomfort and the symptoms that go along with a bladder infection, be sure to always get the medical advice of your doctor before trying them at home. Any condition can always turn serious if it does not get the proper treatment.


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